PODS Phoenix Shows the Upside of Downsizing

Local Moving and Storage company offers tips on how to downsize

Some 10,000 people will turn 65 every day for the next 20 years in the U.S., and by 2050, one in five Americans will be seniors, according to the Associated Press.


While some retirees may choose to stay put in expansive suburban homes, many seniors are making a different choice: downsizing to a more comfortable and easily accessible home, whether it be a ground-level condo in a more walkable neighborhood closer to public transit and healthcare facilities, a tiny beachfront estate they’ve always dreamed of, or an assisted living center.


Meanwhile, some empty-nesters continue to work but are also looking to downsize. According to a 2013 Urban Land Institute survey, 72% of Baby Boomers surveyed said they would rather live in a smaller house but have a shorter commute than live in a larger home and make a lengthy trek to the office.


PODS Phoenix offers tips for downsizing:


n Have a plan: Set a realistic goal based on income and accessibility, not items in your current home.

n Involve your family: Plan a group decluttering and packing party.

n Have a yard sale: AARP suggests you ask yourself: “When is the last time I used this?”

n Donate: Everything that doesn’t sell can be donated to a good cause.


How PODS unique containers and services can help you sell downsize to a more suitable home:


n Decluttering: When sifting through items, on-site PODS container storage can help alleviate the clutter. Our flat, roll-up door system makes it easy to move your items into a PODS container.

n Storage: Items that are too precious to part with but have no place in a smaller home can be easily stored in an offsite, climate controlled PODS Storage Center.

n Moving: Pack at your own pace.Onceit’s time tomove to a new location, PODS containers travel with you to the next location. You just tell us when and where you want to go!



“The easiest way to start the downsizing process is to use a portable PODS container,” says Mike Smith, Vice President of Operations for PODS Phoenix. “They stay on your property until the job is finished or are whisked away to one of our secure storage facilities.”

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May 15, 2017