Pokemon GO Accounts for sale: Apple Watch Live Later 2016 & GO+ Released Sep 16

Pokemon GO Accounts for sale: Apple Watch Live Later 2016 & GO+ Released Sep 16

Today is a busy day for Nintendo. Two big announcements are revealed today! One is that Pokemon GO Plus will be released on Sep 16. Another is that Pokemon GO will be playable on Apple Watch later this year. The latter one has no ability to capture pokemons, but the former is focused on this.

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Pokemon GO Plus, a standalone device, will release on September 16

Pokemon GO Plus is a companion device, which can be connected your smart phone over Bluetooth. It is very easy to be carried. You can wear it as a bracelet or pin it on the collar. Once it is connected to the phone, you will be alerted when there is a PokeStop or pokemon near you. What’s more, you can click the button on the device so that it can automatically capture the pokemons. But it cannot success every time. If some rare pokemons are hard to catch, you can also get a favor from Gold4fans. We now have rare pokemons for sale online.

Pokemon GO hits on Apple Watch later this year

As we all know, many people use Apple Watch to check how many calories are burned when doing exercise. The release of Pokemon GO on Apple Watch will be likely to be the life more interesting. While seeing the calories burned, you can also collect pokemons.
Differently, you cannot catch any pokemons on Apple Watch, but it can come true on Pokemon GO+. However, they still have some similarities in alerts and convenience. Usually, when there is a pokestop, an alert will be on the watchface.

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Pokemon GO Accounts for sale: Apple Watch Live Later 2016 & GO+ Released Sep 16

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