Powertrain Control Module Market Show Positive Performance in 2013

Powertrain control module (PCM) or Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a component used in automotives for control for various parameters of the vehicle. It is called the brain of the vehicle and controls some key functions like the engine, charging system,

The world market for Powertrain Control Module, or PCM, has been steadily on the rise, and it showed extremely positive performance in the last few years. The increase in environmental damage concerns and the growth of fuel costs and the subsequent depletion of fossil fuels has led to the PCM market to prosper. It has been noted that much of the PCM sales market will be in Asia, where there is a strong demand for automobiles.

Essentially, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is an electronic control unit installed inside automobiles, in order to manage engine and transmission units for the optimum performance, without any kind of manual intervention. Thus, this is an embedded system, which obtains input from a range of sensors that are fitted inside the various groups of components across the whole automobile body. The sensors also get a number of important parameters from the automobile components and subsequently, transfer it to the PCM for further processing of the same. After PCM processes the parameters, it transfers the output to the respective components, in order to bring out the desired change for optimum and efficient performance, and successfully eliminates the need of any human intervention.

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The continuous depletion and rising cost of fossil fuels has constantly stressed upon the need to use automobile fuel in a judicious and optimum manner. This, in turn, has made the PCM an indispensable part of the automobile structure. Every automobile that is manufactured in any part of the world currently use PCM as one of the integral components in it, and hence, the market for the item is surging. Customers now look for better alternatives over fossil fuel automobiles, such as LPG & CNG vehicles, electric & hybrid vehicles. These cars are considered to be cost efficient, and they cause less damage to the environment. The vehicle generally has a customized PCM, in order to cater to a particular set of requirements from each of these vehicles.

The need for better PCM has thus stimulated a fierce competition among the manufacturers of the product. A considerable amount of resources and efforts are being spent to continuously improve the performance parameters of these products, and has resulted in a tremendous amount of improvement in the style and concept of the same. At present, turbo charging and super charging are required to be done, as the engines are downsized to meet emission regulations and stricter fuel consumption standards. However, supercharging is considered to be less fuel efficient, and hence, its growth will be on a relatively lower scale. Plus, Euro VI in Western Europe, Euro IV/V in Asia, CAFÉ 2016/25 in the US are currently seen as the standards, which will create an impact to the different geographic regions in the short to long term.

Borg Warner Inc. recently acquired Gustav Wahler GmbH u. Co. KG for $350 million while Valeo SA acquired Eltek Electric Vehicles in Norway. General Motors invested $200 million to expand its powertrain facility in Michigan by building a new 138000sq-ft. test wing. Apart from these significant developments, IndustryARC has compiled a report which explains the details of the nature of the companies which manufacture these products, the investment opportunities, and other concepts in grave details.

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Oct 13, 2014