Pro-Choice advocates to distribute abortion pills on national bus tour

A group of pro-choice activists are set to travel around the country, to hand over abortion medicines as part of a national tour.

[]                             The ROSA (Reproductive Rights against Oppression, Sexism, and Austerity) is a group that advocates the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, providing advice on how females can acquire abortions. On March 6, they will carry out a bus tour travelling to several cities and universities across Ireland, as per a report.

The group mentioned that the idea of this tour is ‘both to campaign for promoting the ‘’Repeal movement’’ and to offer direct help to women in need of safe abortion pills’. The bus would put women in touch with abortive services from the Netherlands, which claims to be able to offer abortion medications that are illegal in Ireland.

This Ireland group is also calling on protestors to arrange walkouts from workplaces, colleges, schools and for public to greet the bus on its journey across Ireland.

The ROSA spokesperson claimed that about three women a day make a purchase on abortion pill online pharmacy. She contends that 8th Amendment, which gives equal status to the unborn and the women, is not averting them in Ireland from acquiring abortive procedures.

She illustrated that ROSA is not formed of medical experts; hence the supply of pills would be left to abortive services. She hasn’t given details on how the pills would be hand over to women. However she confirmed that they would be shipped soon after the consultation on the bus.

The Citizens Assembly that is made up of a chairperson and 99 citizens are predicted to deliver a report on, whether a plebiscite to repeal the 8th Amendment should be conducted in Northern Ireland in the next few months. The assembly has received above 13,000 submissions on the subject matter of pregnancy termination between October and December 2016.



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Feb 12, 2017