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Over Exposed ( is proud to inform everyone that they are offering a wide variety of production and film equipment for hire.

Over Exposed ( is proud to inform everyone that they are offering a wide variety of production and film equipment for hire.


Over Exposed can cater to clients who will conduct outside broadcast, flyaway, live streaming, webcasting, or even Facebook Live production. They can provide 2-16 cameras for a live broadcast or line cut.


Over Exposed has the most famous camera brands such as Sony, Amira, Arri Alexa, and many more. One of their cameras for rent is the Sony PMW F55 available for only £250 per day. It has 8.9 megapixels and an electronic global shutter. Also available is the lightweight Arri Alexa Mini Hire for just £350 per day.


A large collection of camera lenses for different brands can also be rented from Over Exposed. For example, they have the Canon 35mm f2.0 is for £30 per day and the IBE Optics B4-PL Lens Adapter for £40 per day.


Aside from camera and lenses, Over Exposed has other production items as well, such as monitors, lighting, and sound systems. Different accessories can also be rented from them, including tripods and memory cards.


It must be noted that Over Exposed holds the rights to all of the prices mentioned above and can change them even without prior notice.


Moreover, Over Exposed provides a useful EDL creation hardware to their clients. According to them, “Our custom EDL creation hardware syncs with the timecode of your recordings and allows you to instantly rebuild the live directors cut in editing software from the individual ISO recordings of each camera. Our clients have found this to be massively useful is speeding up post production of events, allowing quick tweaks of the live cut and conforming the show to the correct length without noticeable edits. Another use of this is, using the cinema cameras, being able to have a HD broadcast spec output for live transmission or screens whilst also being able to record and have available 4K Log version of the same cut for later editing, colour grading and archive”.


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Over Exposed is one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom that offers production and filming solutions to everyone. It is run by individuals with a vast understanding of the production industry. They are known for their affordable rates and high-quality equipment. If you are interested in availing of their services, there are a lot of ways to get in touch with them. You can talk to one of their representatives by calling 0208 226 4073. Alternatively, you can send your questions and suggestions to their email address, For more information, visit their website at

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Apr 19, 2017