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Every field in the present world has an expert who solves its problem and in the same case air conditioning needs a professional right from installation to service.

Every field in the present world has an expert who solves its problem and in the same case air conditioning needs a professional right from installation to service. A study by NIST has shown that if your air con installation is wrongly done, there is a possibility of experiencing 30% increase in your utility bills and not mentioning the repeated and costly repairs you will incur which may lead to total failure of the whole system.

Despite these adverse consequences, only 42% of all homeowners in the United States call a professional to service their air con according to Warner Service. In addition, this study revealed that around 84% of all homes in the US have air condition fixed and they are commonly more than dining rooms. As a matter of fact, air con is widely used in the US than any other part of the world. Therefore, if you need to have a healthy living in your home, always cultivate a habit of calling a professional to service your air con.

Why Use a Professional in Any way?

When it comes to involving a professional to servicing your air con, there is the essence of it working without wasting energy or straining. If you allow an amateur to repair or service your system, you put it at a risk of operating poorly and damage. There is likely hood of air leaks and also the poor location of outdoor condenser where it can pull in debris. In addition, you will end up having an incorrectly sized air con system which does not effectively cool down your house.

You may never know what is wrong with your system’s AC especially if you are not trained to service the system. Leave alone repairing, how will you get the special tools and parts required yet they are not available commercially? Only an expert can help you get these tools for effective operation.

Air conditioner service experts will hasten your system’s servicing compared to amateurs. You don’t need to stay in hot or cold weather waiting for completion of the service yet you can have a professional do the job in hours. But what should you do before calling that professional?

What to Check Before Calling a Professional

You are required to do some checks in your air con before contacting an expert. Look out for the following:

•    Check all the electrical connections visible from the outside
•    Ensure all connections are working properly
•    Make sure all the air ventilation and filter are open
•    Check on the thermostat
•    Ensure your air con is set at the correct temperature

After you are aware of the source of the problem, it becomes easier to make rough estimates on the costs to be incurred and hence no expert can con you.
Next time you need to service your air curtain call a Professional Air Curtain cleaning because they have the knowledge and experience required, they will save you money and you will enjoy insurance cover for any repair they do and you can be compensated if the professional damages your system.

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Sep 27, 2017