Professional Recovery Services provide impetus to Data security across industries

Mushrooming of professional data recovery services has paved path for a stronger atmosphere for Data Security across variegated industries.

The list of things that can turn awry in absence of proper mechanism for data protection in place in endless. The media that stores data is fragile, whether it is tape, diskette or hard drive. As hard drives get smaller and hold more data, the mechanical components in a hard drive must work with greater precision. The distance between the read/write head and the platter where data is stored is steadily decreasing. Today, that distance is 1-2 micro inches (one millionth of an inch). A speck of dust is 4-8 micro inches and a human hair 10 micro inches. Even a slight nudge, a power surge or a contaminant introduced into the drive may cause the head to touch the platter and cause a head crash. Data in the contact area may be permanently destroyed.


The dependence of companies on data for their business continuity is no more a secret. With more and more companies being threatened by the data risk and even thefts at time, costing them millions in cost for intellectual and even data rights, the growing impetus of the business strategists today is to include a substantial advanced data recovery and back up plans in place. The data and cyber crimes which hit the market past year, has even intensified the approach and need for safer measure to be installed in place. Most companies and now even individuals have now started being educated about the concerns and  make the most informed decision when it comes at picking the right service provider. 


Sherlock Data Recovery services has its own facility for data recovery services and its lab technicians treat all RAID loss situations as high priority cases as the data is significant for the affected business and its customers. With an initial analysis the team can determine if or not each media device is accessible to the lab equipment. If it is accessible, the prime concern is to create raw image of entire data from the accessible media onto their own media so that logical analysis can establish the nature of data loss situation. If some of the media cannot be accessed, Sherlock’s lab tests the components and closely and examines its internal health to determine the extent of physical damage.


About Sherlock Data Recovery 


Sherlock Data Recovery Services, originally known as Atomic Bytes Systems, is a leading organization in the computer industry service niche. The company offers a range of professional data recovery and related services. 

Data recovery from sophisticated computers and devices is a labor intensive and very technical process involving both logical and physical methods. It is performed in a controlled lab environment at Sherlock Data Recovery. The data recovery solutions are provided from several service locations across North America.


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Mushrooming of professional data recovery services has paved path for a stronger atmosphere for Data Security across variegated industries.

Contact Information

Sherlock Data Recovery

500A East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128, USA
New York
Phone : +1 (212) 249-9888
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Jul 16, 2016

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