Propeller Letting Agents-The sensible choice if you are looking for a Letting Agent on the Wirral

When you have so much of your capital tied up in a particular property, you have to be sensible with how you proceed. One wrong move and the money that is so important to you could slip away.

17/09/2014 Liverpool – Propeller are the sensible choice if you are looking for a letting agent on the Wirral and this makes us the right choice, because you have to be sensible when it comes to your property and investment. We are the sensible choice for three reasons.

Firstly, we make financial sense. When it comes down to it renting your property out is all about making the maximum amount from your investment. You want to keep the property for a future sale, whilst making money off it in the short term. At Propeller, we will maximize your profits because of our stream lined fee system that will save you money in the long term. We operate on a purely fixed fee system, which means no changes or extra changes and just one low cost payment each month that your property is occupied. Our fixed fee system is sensible and convenient, and this is one reason why Propeller is the best choice of all the Wirral’s Letting Agents.

We don’t just make financial sense; we also make sense when you consider your time obligations. Once you sign up with Propeller we will take care of everything including finding a tenant, replacing a tenant or taking care of any issues that may arise from time to time with your property. This means that when you sign up with Propeller, you will have more time to look after your other properties, ventures or your 9-5 job. We are the sensible choice of letting agents in the Wirral when it comes to time management, because only we make sure that you have more time on your hands for what really matters.

Lastly, Propeller is the sensible choice for first time owners. In this company we have over 15 years of experience as Wirral based letting agents. We know the area, we know the local tradesmen and we know letting laws. These are key skills we bring to every new client. We make sure your property is on the market for the right amount of rent, we always use the best, quickest and cheapest tradesmen for any repairs needed and we make sure that tenants are signed up to contracts that are correct to the letter of the law. We understand that not every client has a knowledge of letting law, but we do and when you sign up with Propeller we make sure you have signed up with a sensible company that will give you the experience you need; perfect for first time property owners.

Ultimately, choosing Propeller as your letting agent in the Wirral makes sense because we are the sensible choice. We make sense financially because of our fixed cost system, we take care of your investment by taking care of your property and we help first time owners fill in the gaps in their experience with 15 years of our own. These reasons make us not only the sensible choice, but also the best choice for your rental needs.

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We’ve been tenants, we’ve been landlords and we’ve often been disappointed by letting agents’ service. We’ve managed our own property portfolio for over 15 years, so we know how to provide a good, efficient service.

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Sep 19, 2014