Proposed Heathrow Third Runway Will Affect London Property Market

Finefair are equipped and able to handle the pressures brought to the London property market by airport expansion.

July 1 2015 ( PRnob Press Release ) saw the Davies Commission conclude three years of research and investigation with the recommendation that a third runway be built at Heathrow Airport. It was a widely expected conclusion, with it being the case that any finding they delivered would be controversial. Although this conclusion in itself does not mean that it is certain the Heathrow third runway will be built, already questions are being asked of what impact it will have on the capital city, in particular the affect on London property. As London's leading property experts, Finefair have studied the impact and can share their findings.

Should the third runway at Heathrow go ahead, it will be the first new airport runway to be constructed in London for over half a century. Whilst the Airport Commission were satisfied that the environmental impact of a new runway would be off-set, concerns remain about the ongoing noise pollution created by it, with levels likely to increase. These concerns are not without merit. They do, however, overlook the fact that London has become used to and accommodates the noise of Heathrow as it is, accepting it as the price for being not only one of the most popular cities in the world but also home to the busiest airport in Europe.

In regards of the affect on London property, should the construction of a third runway go ahead then an unavoidable reality is that over 700 homes will need to be demolished to clear the way for construction. Although Heathrow has made it clear that they will be making very good compensation packages and payments available to affected property owners, this in itself does not resolve the extra pressure which shall be placed on the London property market as a consequence. The fact that London has a chronic shortage of available housing is already well documented, and if this goes ahead the demand levels shall only increase.

The pressure for property is going to inevitably lead to higher profit margins for those who have invested in areas near or around the proposed construction site. It is to access these gains that investors opted to buy in those areas. Whilst Finefair are the leading name trusted to ensure significant returns on investment through property management, The company always seeks to do so in an amicable, socially responsible way. Finefair are a preferred supplier of services to the majority of London Boroughs, with their guaranteed rent and council leasing agreements being beneficial to all involved parties.

As and when a new runway is constructed in London - be it a third runway at Heathrow or at another airport - the whole city is ultimately going to benefit and profit. Property owners and investors should not be excluded from this. Ensuring the best returns from investments in London property relies on using the leading service provider for achieving results. With over a decade of unrivalled service, Finefair are the people known to bring success from London property investments.

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Jul 01, 2015