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Multiform Tubes are the trusted name for tube bending and tube manipulation in the United Kingdom

When using metal tubes in practical applications - whether as part of a construction or in a piping network - it is virtually always the case that at some point they must bend and curve to meet the design plans and requirements. There are a few methods possible to use to achieve this alteration in straight tubes. The most preferable method - the one which meets all elements of a project or construction work - is to bend the straight tubes to the precise curve required at the specific point or points of it. In the United Kingdom, Multiform Tubes are known for being the most trusted name in delivering this professional service.

The methods of introducing a curve or angle to metal tubes away from tube bending services are usually not satisfactory. Fabricating metal tubes with the proposed bends in place, for example, is a very expensive process in its own right. It also removes any possibility of altering a design or set of blueprints if a change is needed without engaging in very expensive reworking with more resources.

Cutting and welding metal tubes is considered by many to be the cheapest option. This is true only in a short-term sense. Whereas cutting and welding tubes is cheaper upfront - in particular if the work is carried out onsite, in the long run it is not economically viable. Cutting and welding pipe weakens in and undermines the structural integrity of it. This just means that it will malfunction a lot sooner than its anticipated lifestyle would usually suggest, which leads to costly repair and replacement work.

The tube bending carried out by Multiform Tubes delivers the most assured and affordable means of attaining perfectly curved and manipulated metal piping to meet any requirement. The service provides a precision angle at the precise point of a pipe required. The advanced technology used and craftsmanship adopted in all tube bending work serves to secure the free flow of air or liquid through the manipulated tubing. This is delivered to the same quality of standard as if the tubes were fabricated to incorporate the desired angle, but at a fraction of the cost.

The skills brought to tube bending by Multiform Tubes are not limited to conventional round tubing. The skilled engineers at the company are able to deliver the same precision performance to square, rectangular and ellipse or oval shaped tubing. The diameter of the tubing is also no barrier to the company being able to apply the perfect work required, presenting a high quality finish to a precision curve, bend or angle.

From their purpose built premises in the heart of the West Midlands, Multiform Tubes have been called upon for service from across the whole of the United Kingdom. The company honours their status as the preferred choice of provider from across the nation by ensuring nothing but the perfect tube bending is always delivered.

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Multiform Tubes are the most trusted name in the UK for precision tube bending services and expert tube manipulation work.

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Dec 08, 2014