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Kolkata is a metropolitan city and is after Delhi and Mumbai in terms of its popularity. Kolkata is situated in Kolkata Urban Region and is governed by Municipal Corporation.

Importance of Concrete Pipes

Pipes play an important role. Kolkata without the use of such pipes would not have been able to develop so fast. Pipes are important for the development of any city or town. All pipes don’t have the same strength so some points should be kept in mind. Numerous RCC spun pipe manufacturer in Kolkata can be found out. Concrete pipes are very strong and they offer good support. RCC Hume pipes refer to Reinforced Concrete cement pipes. Concrete pipe making process involving centrifugal process is the Hume pipe process.  The process is also known as spun process in various parts of Kolkata. The process is the oldest and traditional method for the production of concrete pipes. The Hume or the spun process involves a great labor process. It is very exhaustive and less productive. The process has its own sets of importance. Some developing countries are nowadays using the latest vertical cast process. Better quality product with less labor and manpower is needed in the process. 


Development of the city



The concrete pipes are in much demand. Various manufacturing companies have set up in Kolkata as the pipes offer great strength and durability. The pipes play an important part in the development of the city, Kolkata. RCC Spun or Hume pipes carry great importance and the pipes are proving it from the year 1926 after it was first developed by Sir Walter Hume.

Usefulness of the concrete pipes

Various Hume pipe manufacturers in Kolkata are available who provide a designer team and after the sale, a service group is provided with a training team. The pipes are generally used for the purpose of water drainage, sewerage, culverts and for the purpose of irrigation. The pipes are very much preferred. Kolkata needs a proper drainage and irrigation facilities so the pipes are of great use. RCC pipes are nonreactive to sewerage toxins. The pipes are leak proof and can be repaired very easily. Therefore, the pipes are high on demand and can be trusted. Various concrete pipe manufacturers in Kolkata can be found by the use of internet nowadays. Before relying on a company all the details should be checked wisely. The spun pipes are in high demand and they are classified into pressure pipes and non-pressure pipes. That is, NP1, NP2, NP3, P1, P2, P3 for using them in the different conditions and different uses. The RCC Hume pipes are made up of cement, sand, coarse and fine aggregate, mild steel and bars and HT Rods. In Kolkata, the pipes are mainly used for the purpose of drainage as the pipes can be repaired very easily. The pipes are widely used in India. The pipes are mostly used in the demand of Public Works Department, Agricultural and Forest Department, Public Health Engineering Department, National Highways, Municipal Corporation etc.

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