Redondo Beach CA Chiropractor Dr Frank E. Kaden, Provides Safe Solutions For Auto Accident Injury Sufferers

Kaden Chiropractic offers natural and non-invasive solutions to auto accidents. The methods not only alleviate pain, but improve overall health.

Hermosa Beach CA, 18-APRIL-2015 - Kaden Chiropractic and Dr. Frank E Kaden D. C. Are pleased to announce that the area residents who have suffered from automobile accident injuries can obtain relief using chiropractic measures. The Redondo Beach chiropractor has a range of methods which are both safe and natural. Rather than offering pain killers which only mask the pain. Dr. Kaden applies solutions which eliminate the underlying cause of the pain.

An auto accident can result in injuries almost anywhere in the body. Fortunately, safer construction and safety features have improved the survival rate in victims of collisions. However, there can still be injuries which cause immediate or long term pain to the victim. The use of seat belts can prevent more serious injuries, but may still leave sore muscles and subluxations in the spinal column.

Contacting the doctor as soon as possible after the accident will make recovery easier and shorter. Dr. Kaden will use methods which are intended to eliminate the pain of soft tissue injuries and to avoid spinal or cervical column injury pain. He identifies the specific areas of injury and prepares a care plan which will speed recovery.

Some of the methods that are employed are intended to improve circulation. When oxygenated blood is brought to the site of the injury, healing can proceed. The blood brings nutrients to help heal and then carries away dead cells and toxins from the area. Heat and cold therapy, ultrasound and massage are common methods of healing which are combined with ensuring spinal alignment.

Learn more about recovery from automobile accident injuries by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions concerning the content in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Frank Kaden at the location which follows.

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Apr 18, 2015

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