Remember Me This Way - The Significance Of Gravestone Inscriptions

UK Memorial Service are committed to ensuring clear and perfect inscriptions are placed on the gravestones they create Press Release, 05, August 2015 - The overwhelming majority of people in the UK were saddened to learn of the passing of popular entertainer Cilla Black. Whereas some might suggest that at 72 she had enjoyed a wonderful, rich life, for many she was an ever present in their lives, with her fame coming from her musical career and her celebrated work as a television presenter. Although for many she was equally remembered for both of these, Ms Black made it clear which of the two she had a preference for being associated with. In an interview she gave a few years ago, she said "On my gravestone, I want Here lies the singer, not Here lies the TV presenter.”. These words, as ominous as they may feel now, serve as a reminder to all of the importance people place on the inscription which appears on memorials for them.

At UK Memorial Service, the team of dedicated, compassionate professionals have always understood and respected the importance of gravestone inscriptions. They express terms - in a limited number of words or in a short phrase - that embody both how much the deceased was loved and appreciated, as well as reflecting the way that those who have passed away wished to be remembered. Whilst it is perhaps best left to the friends and relatives of the deceased to confirm the words that will be used, it is essential to ensure a fully qualified professional carries out the engraving of the inscription.

It has always been the approach of UK Memorial Service to hire only the finest, most gifted and most sought after masons and artisans to work on headstones and memorials. This has ensured that the company as made attention to detail a priority, and made possible the delivery and installation of perfect, enduring gravestones at burial sites. The effect of this can be seen across the nation today, where the gravestones which UK Memorial Service first crafted in the 1970s stand still today, in perfect condition and featuring still clear and legible inscriptions on them.

Making sure that only the finest materials are used is crucial to headstones and memorials being able to stand in perfect condition for many years. Poor grades of marble and granite might seem appealing from a cost perspective, but they simply will not all for the creation of a memorial of a lasting quality. The good standing which UK Memorial Service enjoys within the community they serve means that they are able to attain the finest grades of stone for the lowest costs. Savings made are always forwarded to their clients as a gesture of support.

What is written as a gravestone inscription is of exceptional importance and significance. It is something, as this sad and rather famous passing has shown, that people give some careful thought and consideration to. UK Memorial Service are dedicated to respecting this by ensuring that all gravestone inscriptions they carry out are perfect and will be able to be read by people for many, many years.

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Aug 05, 2015