Return Of Automotive Industry Jobs Gives A Welcome Boost To The British Economy

John Gibson Associates will be at the forefront of securing the best recruitment practices for newly created positions

The rejuvenation of the British automotive industry looks set to continue in 2015 with the news of some 50,000 jobs being created over the next two years. Surveys and research show that the majority of car manufacturers and related industries - over 70% of those contacted - intend to bring the majority of their manufacturing and processing work back to the UK. John Gibson Associates, the leading name in enhanced automotive recruitment and employee placing, are looking forward to ensuring that the positions created are filled with candidates that ensure long term sustainability and growth in the industry.

The decision by most automotive companies to bring jobs back to the UK has been welcomed across the board. The majority of the new positions created will be in the West Midlands and the North East, the two areas of the nation traditionally associated with the industry.

Companies operating in the automotive industry have come to appreciate the benefits of having the majority of their work carried out in the UK. What short term benefits were gained by lower production costs offshore invariably led to higher long term costs through factors such as longer assembly processes and lower quality standards in the work carried out. Returning the overwhelming majority of work to the UK means a far shorter production process line and the utilisation of the skilled British workforce, widely regarded as featuring the finest engineers in the world.

With over 25 years of automotive recruitment excellence behind them, John Gibson Associates are ready to meet the challenge posed by the creation of such a large number of new jobs. As the most trusted name in assisting industry leading companies fill vacancies, John Gibson know the importance of making sure the right people are placed in positions to ensure the long term sustainability of the industry. It is through a considered and comprehensive service of assisting companies in making more informed selections when recruiting that John Gibson Associates have delivered successful appointments to the industry.

It is anticipated that the 50,000 'reshored' new jobs will be in place in the UK by the end of 2016. To ensure this comes about, it is crucial that the positions created during 2015 are filled correctly with the most preferable choice of candidates. The leading names in the automotive industry know that they can count on John Gibson Associates to ensure this happens.

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Dec 12, 2014