Revolutionary Cellular Blind Reduce Energy Bills and Provide Year-Round Comfort

Revolutionary in design, the cellular blind consists of interconnected pleated fabric that forms a honeycombed pattern compartments.

Cellular blinds were invented for homes lucky enough to be located in regions which enjoy a generally chilly weather all year round. The idea behind the invention of cellular blinds was to provide defused lighting and at the same time form a curtain of warm insulating air on the inner side of the windows.

Revolutionary in design, the cellular blind consists of interconnected pleated fabric that forms a honeycombed pattern compartments. These compartments resemble tiny boxes which effectively trap air and essentially form a warm for air.

Normally, a glass window would act as a heat exchange i.e. the cold air from outside lowers the temperature of the glass which in turn further reduces the room temperature – not exactly an ideal situation. But when you use the revolutionary cellular blind, the air trapped in the honeycomb compartments gets heated (either by the sun or internal room heating) and effectively forms a curtain of warm air. The principle is same as the electrical air curtains you come across at the entrance of stores and supermarkets.

These revolutionary cellular Fixed Awnings Canberra are usually available in single, double and triple layers. Which type of cellular blind you choose to use will depend on how cold your house gets. Naturally, the warm air curtain that these revolutionary cellular blinds form ensures your energy bills don't escalate and actually provide you with year-round comfort.

In addition to saving your money on energy bills, the revolutionary cellular blinds provide a wide range of designer effects that range from opaque blackout shades which work best in bedrooms and baby nurseries, to sheer light-filtering options which are ideal for livings rooms and offices.

Along with being highly functional and a being a huge money-saver, these cellular blinds are available in vast range of colour options to suit any room’s décor. They are also aesthetically pleasing because they add a pleasant and unusual element of texture does breaking the monotony of the room. When required, they can also run a low profile because when they are completely raised, cellular shades virtually disappear. This happens because the fabric is ultra-thin and the honeycomb-shaped pattern makes it neatly fold onto itself.

In addition, these revolutionary cellular blinds offer total privacy (unless you select a sheer fabric). Cellular Casement Awning Orange are available in versatile bottom-up or top-down which means the shade could either be lifted up to the top of the window or lowered to the window sill. You could therefore get light entering into the room from above the cellular shade while enjoying complete privacy at the lower portion of the window.

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Mar 29, 2017