Rolfing-Structural Integration, A Very Effective Myo-fascial Therapy!

If you have Melt Body Armor, Neck Pain and Stiffness, Rolfing works with ligaments, tendons, and a sheet of connective tissue that covers Neck Pain Relief.



If your body has structural problems as a result of surgery, overuse, incorrect positioning or improper movement patterns,  Rolfing can be helpful.  Rolfing is a technique that utilizes the ability of the connective tissue, in particular of the fascia, to change and lengthen, thereby improving posture, decreasing pain and improving movement patterns.

Beth Franzese is the owner of Rolfing NYC. She works on the human structure via the fascial network to improve the relationship between all parts of the body, and beween the organism and gravitational force. She performs Rolfing in New York for Joint Pain, Neck Pain Relief, Knee Pain, Poor Posture and other chronic problems. Whether you are an athlete, performer, or casual exerciser, Beth Franzese can help you maintain and improve your performance.

People of all ages come with Low Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, movement limitations and other chronic tension problems for Rolfing at Rolfing NYC. Others come to improve athletic performance, become more expressive in dance or on stage. Rolfing is, a treatment method that has many benefits and is suitable for all age groups. If you want additional information about Rolfing, the original myofascial therapy, log on to

Products or Services specializes in providing Rolfing for Back Pain, Rolfing for Fibromyalgia, Rolfing for Hip Pain and Rolfing for Injuries.

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Jan 04, 2017