Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited: Helping You Handle Your Finances Properly

Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited is also known for the comprehensive financial planning services that they provide.

Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited ( aims to provide exceptional services and advice to everyone who needs help with managing their finances. This company is staffed with financial advisors Edinburgh who are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to help clients when it comes to mortgages, investments, savings, and a lot more.

Identifying and achieving financial goals can be much easier with the help of financial advisor Edinburgh. These experts can advise on the right actions to take to help clients become financially successful. The advisers from Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited exactly do this, and by working with them, all parties will receive sound financial advice that is truly valuable and simple to understand.

These experts are also aware of the fact that being financially prepared is essential especially when faced with unforeseen or changing situations. This is the reason why Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited offers products and services that are ideal for those who want to be financially protected. This company will get to know their clients’ particular circumstances and will point them to the best protection plans. These plans may be directed to illness cover, income protection or life assurance. For business owners, the company can also provide invaluable advice with regards to partnerships, business loans, and so much more.

Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited is also known for the comprehensive financial planning services that they provide. Whether it’s on property transactions, life insurance covers, savings or investments, they can offer the best and most appropriate advice and solutions. What’s more, they use a personal approach when dealing with clients’ concerns, and this makes them one of the most reliable companies out there. According to this company, “We always make time to chat with you about your financial planning – feel free to ask us anything, anytime. We also carry out an annual client review with you to make any adjustments or to take account of any changes in your circumstances”.

Aside from the above services, Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited has a lot more valuable offerings. For instance, they can help retirees when it comes to their pension plans. The advisers can examine if their clients’ pension providers are offering the best options and advice on alternatives, otherwise.  

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About Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited

Through exceptional services and advice, Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited aims to be of great help to everyone who wants to be financially successful. This company is staffed with dedicated financial consultants whom you can rely on when it comes to financial planning and other aspects of money management. To learn more about Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited, log on to their website at To speak with one of their representatives, you may call 0131 554 7365. Alternatively, you can send them an email via should you have written enquiries.      


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Rowanbank Financial Consultants Limited offers a comprehensive financial planning service, from savings and mortgages to life insurance and critical illness cover. There are so many products out there, you may not know what financial advice you need.

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Oct 04, 2017