Saas Labs Launches AdLatch - Track Ad Revenue Lost to Adblockers

To reclaim the lost revenue of publishers to Adblockers, we present AdLatch. Enabling the publishers to interact with visitors of their website, without blocking the content. Provides real-time assessment of the users visiting your website.

With an aim to aid online publishers who are losing a lot of revenue owing to increasing usage of Adblockers by the user, SaaS Labs announces the release of AdLatch. This is software as a service product, which is crafted and created to compensate the online publishers of the lost revenue to Adblockers.


AdLatch also provides the real-time insights of the visitors, which can be leveraged by online publishers. Bloggers and publishers can find out the revenue forfeited to Adblockers and communicate with those visitors to find alternate ways to reclaim the lost revenue.


As per a study from Juniper Research states that online publishers will lose over $27B by the year 2020. Digiday on other hand suggests that this number will reach $35B in the same time frame.


Before AdLatch, businesses use ‘blocking the content to users utilizing ad blocker’ as a standard response.

Users used to suffer a lot in this practice, as there can be no healthy relationship possibility between them and the business end virtually.


People do not like it at all, when the content is blocked to them.


AdLatch comes into play at this situation, where publisher benefits by making the visitors (using adblockers) engage with the brand in different ways for compensating the lost revenue.

Brand using AdLatch can see an exponential growth and can drive leads with rise in social sharing and traffic to the website.

Businesses/publishers can also accept payment/donations from the website visitors (using adblockers).


AdLatch also renders real-time analytical insights about subscribers, leads, social sharing, and money.


Quite familiar with blogging, Saas Labs Inc CEO Gaurav Sharma is sensitive to the challenges faced by both publishers and bloggers.


“We created AdLatch to stop the double-digit revenue loss that so many media companies are experiencing,” explains Mr. Sharma. “Our goal is to aid publishers without affecting the user experience. Instead of blocking content to visitors using Adblockers, we engage them.”

About AdLatch and SaaS Labs

AdLatch is a product of SaaS Labs Inc. and it aids bloggers, publishers and businesses by boosting engagement with the visitors (using adblocker) of your website.


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Aug 04, 2016