Salient features of Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 for street bike rider

The addition of built-in camera to the smart helmet C5 will turn Airwheel C5 to a socialising tool.

In the eyes of many peoples, Airwheel is a scooter-maker, which produces merely electric self-balancing scooters. However, such is not the case. Of late Airwheel released a new type of new product, i.e. the smart helmet C5. In fact, Airwheel had had the intention of developing a kind of safety protection used in the ride, for many people expressed their fear of potential risk during the ride. Fortunately, it released its first wearable equipment C5 helmet heads up display for that purpose. At the same time, Airwheel became the first one scooter-maker who set foot in the field of wearable equipment.

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Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 has its salient features. The primary purpose of Airwheel C5 is to protect the rider from hurt during the ride. Many beginners have a way of falling from ride of Airwheel C5. The frequent falls will cause them to be scared away from the ride of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters. This will seriously influence the business of Airwheel. Therefore Airwheel tried to develop a safety protection so that the riders could be reassured that the ride will be safe. This small step is most useful. Just because of this change, Airwheel business came by a huge rise.

In addition to the above function, Airwheel added some recreational functions to Airwheel smart helmet C5. For now, most young people swoon over the selfies. They post their selfies online frequently and they hope for the likes and views from their kith and kin. The addition of built-in camera to the smart helmet C5 will turn Airwheel C5 to a socialising tool. With the tool, the young people will share their selfies with their friends. Apart from the selfies, Airwheel C5 has a Bluetooth with it. The Bluetooth will enable the rider to answer a call without whipping out his phone from his pocket. This further ensures a safe ride for the users. Such versatile devices make Airwheel go far.

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Sep 12, 2016