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Samia Solutions has created an allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment program that eliminates the need for allergy patients to be referred to a specialist for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Samia Solutions, a company that specializes in providing safe and effective in-office ancillary solutions throughout the United States, has created an allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment program that eliminates the need for allergy patients to be referred to a specialist for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The program will provide more efficient care for allergy patients, and will allow a healthcare provider to obtain ancillary revenue for the testing and treatment provided.

Understanding that practices differ in terms of patient age, volume and insurance coverage, Samia Solutions has designed this comprehensive allergy platform to provide the right solution for each practice. To make this succeed, the company has worked with industry leaders in allergy treatment to establish distinct treatment protocols that will ensure maximum patient compliance and treatment benefits.

According to Samia Solutions , a practitioner has two main choices for testing patients to determine the cause of allergy symptoms: outside laboratory testing and in-office allergy testing, which the company is offering. In outside laboratory testing, a blood sample is taken from a patient and then sent to an outside laboratory for diagnosis. In-office allergy testing, on the other hand, is administered via a disposable applicator that puts minimal amounts of antigen directly to the patient’s skin. This method allows the provider to visibly identify and record the positive reactions in just 15 minutes. Once the allergens are identified, the provider can then proceed with the appropriate treatment protocol. In-office allergy testing is deemed faster and more convenient than outside laboratory testing since the patient no longer has to give blood, wait for the results, and return a visit to the doctor for the treatment plan.

Samia Solutions offers two additional effective treatment protocols on top of SCIT (subcutaneous immunotherapy treatment), which will likely result in greater patient compliance. First is topical immunotherapy treatment, which makes use of topical medications especially prepared for each patient’s allergens. This treatment is ideal for individuals with aversion to needles, and is designed to be received directly at home after the initial build-up phase. The second one is sublingual immunotherapy treatment, where a dropper is placed under the tongue. It is non-invasive, and only takes 1-2 years to complete.

The company’s program offers numerous benefits to practitioners and their patients, including patient ancillary revenue, patient retention, multiple treatment options, and turnkey programs. Adult, pediatric and adolescent patients are all eligible for treatment. To discover more about the comprehensive offering, visit:


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