SAMSUNG WB09H7300GP care for your babys clothes

SAMSUNG WB09H7300GP baby cloth washer comes with 18" Top-Load Washer with 0.9 cu. ft. Capacity, 9 Wash Cycles, 4 Wash Options, Vibration Reduction Technology and 900 RPM Spin Speed.

Samsung’s new SAMSUNG WB09H7300GP baby Care washing machine is a washer premeditated particularly for your baby which comes with two sanitizing wash cycles that removes obdurate stains and germs without using any harsh detergents. Baby Care also has a Baby Clothes cycle that smoothly washes delicate baby clothes. Baby Care is best for quick wash with small loads of baby clothes. As baby cloths easily get mucky and they need to put alone in a large washer wasting a lot energy and water. That’s why separately washing baby clothes prevents the waste of water, energy and dirt shift between baby clothes and other laundry items such as sporty wear. Also, its installation is very easy as it easily connects to your existing valve or wash machine through a universal adapter and tubing kit included with the unit. Its smooth, rounded and compact design makes it easy to fit within your homes least spaces. It’s beautiful color and style will surely enhance and complement any décor of your house.

From its beginning as a small trade abroad business in Korea, Taegu, Samsung has developed to turn out to be one of the world’s top electronics companies, specializing in semiconductors, media, memory, system integration and digital appliances. Today Samsung's resourceful and top level products and processes are world renowned. Samsung Appliance are refined or assembled worldwide over 60 special countries. Their head office is in South Korea, Suwon. Samsung Electronics, which makes more flat-screens, chips, mobile phone and TVs than any others of its competitors as well as the world's best-selling smart-phone, is aiming to boost its home appliance section and trim the space with companies as well as Whirlpool and Electrolux.


Superior Rinsing: Powerful water currents wash out more detergent, 5 additional rinses remove additional residue.
High Temperature Sanitization: Safeguard your baby from germs and bacteria, Wash your own delicates and active wear gently with high-heat water.
Self Clean: Washer self-cleans without the use of harsh soaps or chemicals, Reminds you to run
Self Clean at regular intervals.
Soft Close Lids: 9 Preset Wash Cycles with 4 Options.
Design: Crystal Gloss Black Door Lid, Ice Blue LED Display.
VRT® Technology: Vibration Reduction Technology.

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Sep 25, 2014