Scuba Diving Certification Program KUUCHIITAAU Looking For Funding To Support Youth Interest

Scuba Diving Certification Program for youth, "KUUCHIITAAU" plans to raise fund to support the course.

Waskaganish First Nation, (September 25, 2016) - A philanthropic certification program, "KUUCHIITAAU" is aiming to engage the youth’s interest in scuba diving. Cameron Donaldson, the originator of the course is seeking to raise funds to run this certification program.

KUUCHIITAAU targets youth aged from 16 to 35 and will help to provide an entertaining and educational program to support health, inspire further learning and exploration in the future. The career opportunities that this program will open up for the young generation, include – tourism, environmental monitoring, emergency response, public safety search and recovery diving, ecology, archaeology, hard hat diving, hydro dam inspection, oceanography, underwater videography, aquatic therapy and recreation as well as many others. While leading a fun experience, the program will also make sure a strong emphasis on safe operations is maintained throughout.

This scuba diving program is largely driven by the fact that scuba dive experience help to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, resulting in improved body function and lowered anxiety. “With this potential for wellbeing and healing we feel youth deserve this opportunity to experience it for themselves”, said Cameron Donaldson, the creator of this program.

Along with a funfilled scuba trial experience, the participants will get the opportunity of getting an open water diver certification with the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors who has issued 24 million certifications). The prerequisites are as fun as the course sounds – only ‘love for the water’ and a completed medical form.

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Scuba Diving Certification Program for youth, "KUUCHIITAAU" plans to raise fund to support the course.

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Sep 26, 2016

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