SDFI-TeleMedicine Online Store and E-Learning Website’s Grand Opening

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On August 1, 2017, SDFI-Telemedicine will launch its online e-Commerce store . The SDFI Online Forensic Store will feature products, education and training services for Forensic Photo documentation and we couldn’t be happier!

On August 1, 2017, SDFI-Telemedicine will launch its  online e-Commerce store .  The SDFI Online Forensic Store will feature products, education and training services for Forensic Photodocumentation and we couldn’t be happier! This major project has been in the works for quite a while, and now you can take full advantage of its offerings.

“Here at SDFI, we are very excited about the launch of our e-Commerce Online Store & E-Learning Website,” says SDFI Marketing Manager, Tre Yoder.  “Since its inception, SDFI has striven to make advancements in the Forensic industry by supplying it with superior forensic photodocumentation products, services and training.  We take pride in serving its professionals (“professionals” being Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, Forensic Nurse Examiners, Emergency Rooms, Sexual Assault Response Teams, Sheriff’s Office, Police Departments, Childrens’ Advocacy Centers, and many more).  Since 2001, our Forensic Camera Systems have been held in the highest regard along with our forensic camera trainings and free technical support.  The development of our online e-Commerce store and E-Learning Website is a natural evolution of our dedication to support forensic professionals.  Working closely with forensic experts, we were able to develop a product that meets the needs of those hard-working individuals out in the fieldserving us every day.”

SDFI’s Online Store will initially offer forensic photodocumentation training options, like Onsite Trainings, Synchronous Real-Time Webcam Video Trainings (you see us, we see you) and Downloadable Video Trainings.  As well, SDFI will have Online Web-Based Video Trainings on our SDFI E-Learning Website.  The launch of the SDFI E-Learning Website on August 1, 2017, will have several subscription options for these web-based video trainings. 

SDFI’s subscription options will initially offer 26 forensic photodocumentation training videos.  SDFI’s subscription options include all training video updates, and training videos from guests who are Master Prepared Registered Nurses who specialize in Education.   The SDFI Online Store and SDFI E-Learning Site will especially benefit all forensic examiners, educators, colleges and students who use, teach and learn forensic photodocumentation.

It’s not all about the work though.  We believe that a healthy work life needs to be balanced with a bit of fun, so we decided to also offer SDFI’s Famous (or infamous!) “Colposcope Blasters”!  The “Asteroids”-style arcade game allows users to blast space-roving colposcopes to rack up points.  Colposcope Blasters premiered in Denver, Colorado in September, 2017, during the IAFN (International Association of Forensic Nurses) Conference, and proved to be fun and popular.

“SDFI has trained over three thousand forensic examiners, investigators, detectives and lawyers throughout the country on forensic photodocumentation techniques and forensic photodocumentation protocols,” Yoder says.  “We will be constantly updating and adding new categories/products on a regular basis.  One of the upcoming categories we will offer is ‘Apparel’.  Forensic Examiners will be able to purchase a caricature-type, SDFI t-shirt that dons the face of their infamous SDFI trainer!  There will be other merchandise available, such as mouse pads, bookend cards and hand maps – basically, the sky’s the limit, so keep checking the site after the August 1, 2017 launch!”

Access the new SDFI e-Commerce Center, starting from August 1st at

For more information, visit  Alternatively, call 310-492-5372 with any questions, or to schedule a remote live demo of our products.   

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