Senior Wedding Coordinator at COLISEUM Shares Three Wedding Venue Choosing Tips

Keeping in mind a lot of people facing problems related to choosing their wedding venues, a senior wedding coordinator at COLISEUM shares three wedding venue choosing tips.

Shortly after a few days of engagement, not just you will get millions of well-wishes from your near and dear oens but also get the inescapable questions of where and when. However, as a couple the question of when and where a wedding will happen aren’t always easy to reply. Those days are gone where a couple would choose one wedding venue in their hometown and then check that task off the marriage planning list. Since there’re no shortages of wedding venues in Westchester County these days, couples should think about a wide range of queries before they finalize their space.

“As a wedding coordinator I used to get hundreds of e-mails every week people asking me about the right marriage venue in Westchester County, which force me to believe that couples aren’t getting the tactic of selecting a venue as simple as they thought it’d be” said a senior wedding coordinator of COLISEUM . Here are my 3 simple tips for booking the perfect wedding venue in Westchester.

Tip 1: Comprehend the logistics:

With all the excitements and emotions comes with the early phases of planning a wedding, it’s pretty easy for couples to just see a marriage venue and sign the agreement right away. While it may look all right, remembering to take into account the logistics of the marriage venue can really save you considerable headaches afterward. Everything from what number of guests you’ll require the venue to fit, the season you wish to organize your marriage and any special accommodation facilities your guests might require.

Tip 2: Make sure if or not the venue is full service:

There’re usually 2 different kinds of wedding venues, full and not full service. A full-service venue provides everything from chair and table rentals, to linens & catering supplies, whereas non-full service wedding venue only provide you with the space and it’s up to you to arrange the rest. This signifies you’ll be accountable for booking each required vendor for the special day

“Once you book with us you will require very little to nothing in terms of bringing in “extras” from outside the company. We know this is the most important phase of your life and you have several other things to focus rather than just stressing the wedding venue and catering arrangement. We will take care of everything from the lights, chair & tables, sounds to catering arrangement and anything that a top-class full service wedding venue should offer” the wedding coordinator added.

Tip 3: Decide on your wedding feel & style:

An elegant barn, an urban industrial loft, a romantic vineyard – all these spaces sounds cool while planning a marriage. But just like it’s not simple to fit a square peg into a round hole, it isn’t simple to plan a specific wedding style at all venues. Considering what wedding style you wish will aid you pick the venues you should explore. If a modern minimalist marriage is what you are after, you might wish to stay away from any country charm venues.


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Dec 27, 2016