SF Cable Shares Cable Products Knowledge Through Technical Resources

SF Cable, a California based online retailer of cables, cords and electrical accessories has taken it upon itself to educate customers about the various aspects of the products it sells.

When it comes to finding a particular electronic item, not knowing its specifications and other details can be a huge problem. There are times when we are not even aware of the appearance of the product. To address this problem, SF Cable, a California-based online retailer of cables, cords and electrical accessories has taken it upon itself to educate customers about the various aspects of the products it sells.

As part of this education process, it has a section called “Technical Resources” on its website. It also has a wealth of informative articles on all kinds of cables, cords and electrical accessories on its blog. Very few online retailers of cables also invest so much effort on education their customers.

“SF Cable has been in the connectivity product business for over a decade. And that has given us the kind of experience one needs for guiding customers to buy the right product.” said Jennifer Truong, the owner of SF Cable. Furthermore, she said that “It can be challenging to select the right cable/accessories from the huge range of products we have. Through the ‘Technical Resources’ section, you will be able to choose what fits your requirements the best.” This section is updated on the website at regular intervals. It also has the facility for the customers to provide feedbacks about product specifications.

If you go to the Technical Resources section of the website, you will be able to find three major categories including Connector Chart, Drivers Manuals and a Glossary that includes definitions of connectivity products. The Connector Chart has displayed the pictures of various connectors so that one can know what each of them looks like before buying. Underneath the Drivers Manuals section, one can find items with their descriptions and details about the system they are compatible with. Once you read through these details, you will be able to make your buy easily.

At SF Cable, you can choose from more than 8,000 SKUs of cables, electrical accessories, bulk wires and other electronic components. You can make your selection, place your order online and the item will be shipped to you on the same day depending on your location. As the company makes direct imports with no middlemen involved, all of its premium quality products can be obtained at up to 90% off retail.

The company also offers free shipping on the purchase of products worth $50 or more and a lifetime support on all its products when something goes wrong. If you are a regular customer at SF Cable, you can make the most out of its loyalty program. Once you subscribe to it, you will be rewarded with 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you collect a certain number of points, you can redeem them to make future purchases.

You can know more about SF Cable and its offerings at https://www.sfcable.com/

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Jun 05, 2017