S&H Activities Activities for people living with dementia.

S&H Activities was born from the lack of meaningful dementia activities, the company came from small beginnings, now offering a wide range of activities for people living with dementia.

From small beginnings.

S&H Activities provide and develop activities for people living with dementia and products to aid carers help relieve the feelings of being alone, bored and locked inside of those living with dementia.

The company prides itself on testing with care homes and individuals to ensure any dementia activity it makes works and has a benefit and is meaningful.

Giving any activity to a person with dementia needs to be suitable and give them a sense of achievement, although every activity will not be suitable for everyone living with the differing types and levels of dementia. That is why S&H Activities have developed and created new and age appropriate activities.

A word search is a word search isn’t it? Well no not to a person living with dementia, buy a word search of the shelf in any shop and it will probably have no meaning or relation to a person with dementia, S&H Activities have created age and topic appropriate word searches, that are bold in type, use dementia friendly colours and with the first letter of each word needing to be found bolder than all the others to help the person completing the puzzle and give a little help.  The topics offer a vast range such as gardening, the 50s and 60’s, reminiscence, nostalgia, animals, flowers and many more that will relate to the elder person, they are meant for purpose and do work not only for a person to be able to complete the word search but as they are topic and age appropriate they can also help carers stimulate conversation.

The word searches are just one of the many wide and varied dementia activities provided by S&H Activities that have been changed or developed from an idea to ensure the activity works and offers a benefit to the user. They continue to grow and are now providing activities to care homes, hospital, day centres and individuals across the UK, the USA and Hong Kong.


So, when you have a passion to help others Just as S&H Activities did things can grow from small beginnings in to a passionate caring business still looking for more activities to aid people living with dementia this could be your idea? WWW.sandhactivities.co.uk

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S&H Activities was created after years of working in the health care system and finding a lack of good quality dementia activity resources. Our aim is to provide and develop such activities for people living with dementia. If you are a care professional

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Jun 25, 2017