Sichuan Yimai Trading Co is a Prime Producer and Distributor of Footwear for Women is a leading producer, retailer, and distributor of an extensive range of footwear for women including but not limited to boots, flat shoes, heels, sandals, and sports shoes.

Sichuan, China; 31, August 2016: A fashionable and trendy woman takes meticulous care in the manner she attires herself before stepping out. And it doesn’t need to be exaggerated that putting on the appropriate kind of footwear for any and every occasion matters considerably to the woman who is very fastidious about turning out in style. There is a specific type of footwear for each and every kind of sartorial or dressing style that the elegant women of today follow including thigh high boots, ankle boots, studded boots, motorcycle boots, pencil heel occasion shoes with ankle straps, leather flat shoes, sports shoes, and so on. Sichuan Yimai Trading Co is a well-known company based in Sichuan province that has been manufacturing an eclectic range of footwear for women.

Sichuan Yimai Trading Co was established in the year 2005 and right from its inception has been engaged in stitching up high-quality footwear exclusively for the fairer sex. The product repertoire of this established manufacturing firm comprises summer boots, pumps, motorcycle boots, platform shoes, wedding shoes, gladiator heels, celebrity shoes, ankle boots, open toe ankle boots, knee high lace-up boots, mid-calf boots, vintage boots, flat shoes, sports footwear, and sandals. Talking about the make and quality of footwear created by, the company sources and uses the best quality of raw materials that are available.

The manufacturing processes adhered to exploits the most up-to-date fabrication technologies so that the ultimate product that comes out of the assembly line is of unquestionable quality. Most importantly, the products are made to go through stringent quality control checks to thoroughly ensure that the end users are completely satisfied with the same after using these. Moreover, the strict quality control examinations also make sure that the products remain serviceable for years on end. For instance, the knee high boots of Sichuan Yimai Trading Co that have always been and continue to be in great demand are stitched out of the best grade of authentic as well as suede or faux leather material.

These knee high boots that have become intensely popular in the last few years had been available in a variety of styles including vintage, heel, and flat. However, keeping in mind the burgeoning demand for these kinds of boots, Sichuan Yimai had added many more styles in order to cater to the evolving tastes of the present-day fashion-conscious women. So women can log in to the website of and browse for ankle-length boots with leopard print, riveted spikes, open-toed boots with black & white color blocks, black suede leather boots with high heel platform, and so on. The company has amassed the experience of designing not only a line of standardized products but also in creating bespoke or made-to-order footwear.

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Sichuan Yimai Trading Co owns two factories having 3 distinct production lines for turning out a variety of footwear for women comprising boots, flat shoes, pumps, and sandals.

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Products or Services is a leading producer, retailer, and distributor of an extensive range of footwear for women including but not limited to boots, flat shoes, heels, sandals, and sports shoes.

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Aug 31, 2016

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