Sign up for an Unlocked Cell Phone Service this Summer

According to Sunzu, there are over 6 billion mobile phones in the world and 2.4 billion people who use the internet worldwide.

While the numbers are not exact, there is an estimate that for every 100 people there are 86 cell phones. The technology for cell phones today have increased exponentially with people relying on their mobile devices to keep track of appointments, update their social media accounts, and to stay in touch with friends and family. 

Summertime is starting to heat-up and for many people, it’s that time of the year to start packing their suitcases and to head off on vacation. Other people may take advantage of the good weather and go out on a day trip to the nearest beach. Why not be ready for an unlocked cell phone service?

What is an Unlocked Cell Phone?

The term ‘unlocked cell phone’ may be unfamiliar to people who are still unused to shopping around for cell phone plans. There are many cell phone providers who have users sign a contract in exchange for selling them a cell phone at a heavily discounted price. Unlocked cell phone service has started to gain traction since the term refers to a mobile device that is not tied to any carrier’s network. 

What does this mean for cell phone owners? Well, it’s good news for one since it means when they decide to switch carriers they can bring their device along with them. Cell phones are updated every year with new models hitting the market and being sold. While investing in a new cell phone is on the cards for some people, others decide to stick with the device they trust. Being able to have access to an unlocked cell phone makes it easier to switch carriers and get a better deal on cell phone service.

How Does Pix Wireless Serve the Customer?

Pix Wireless has made it their mission to ensure their customers receive the best customer care available and services that fit their lifestyle. Unlike other cell phone carriers, Pix Wireless has made it easy for users to bring over their mobile devices. They have geared their plans towards unlocked cell phone service so users don’t have to replace their device when switching carriers. 

Pix Wireless is powered by two of America’s Leading CDMA and GSM Networks, providing the most coverage and services to households in America. This is more than any other prepaid wireless company to be found in the states. 

What Kind of Plans is Available?

Pix Wireless has unlocked cell phone plans available that allow users to bring over their own mobile device. One of their top choices is their BYOD cell phone plan which stands for ‘bring your own device’. The right mobile device can be brought over to Pix Wireless, set up with a new cell phone plan, and the user ready to go before the day is done. 

The BYOD cell phone plan can be applied to any unlocked GSM device or any Sprint Compatible mobile device with $0 in activation fees. Millions of devices have made the switch; allowing users to continue using their device instead of investing in a new one. 

What if you’re not sure if your device is compatible with the Pix Wireless network? Pix Wireless have you covered since on their website users can check to see if their mobile device is eligible for a BYOD cell phone plan. In the event your mobile device is not eligible; Pix Wireless has an assortment of cell phones to choose from. There are a couple that cost as little as $10, so it’s a great opportunity to upgrade or to replace an existing device. 

Pix Wireless has gone out of their way to ensure their customers have access to cell phone plans that fit their lifestyle. They even have an option where customers can build their own cell phone plans from scratch choosing everything from minutes to data. The types of plans Pix Wireless has available are countless and designed around fitting the lifestyle of their customers. Visit their site and see the kind of amazing plans and services they have available for people. Experience the difference with Pix Wireless and see why they’re the best-prepaid cell phone carrier in America.

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Pix Wireless is a 4G LTE wireless provider, which offers the connection without activation fees, no contracts and no hidden fees. The company has plans and tariffs to cater to the requirements of all kinds of customers. Prepaid weekly, monthly or yearly

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May 30, 2017