Significant Growth Potential Reported with Restaurant POS System

Using a restaurant POS app for eatery management is a rapid trend growing in Indian metros. In conjunction with the growth of Quick Service eateries, users of this digital tool report significant revenue growth by several key features of the applicat

The food and beverages industry In India continues to experience a steady rise in profits. With a projected growth rate scheduled at billions, this business sector is already a major contributor to the GDP. Although comprised of several sectors and sub-sectors such as restaurants and packaged food retailers, yet the potential for long-term profits is almost uniform across the niche verticals. 

According to a latest ASSOCHAM report, the Quick Service Restaurants currently enjoy a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 25%. With such a huge calculated CAGR, the QSR sub-sector alone holds the potential to scale its annual revenue from INR 8500 Crores at present to a whooping INR 25000Crores by 2020. In this nothing short of phenomenal economic landscape, digitization modes hold crucial significance. These days, even several traditional eateries employ computerized billing and invoicing.  

Many urban eateries have however gone much ahead than the first milestone of setting up a computer at the front desk. Several services avail advanced technologies such as modern restaurant POS apps on handheld devices. Such sophisticated digital products not only accomplish all front desk tasks with precision, but also connect all parties involved over a single, attractive interface. The app enables customers, restaurant staffs, and the management simultaneously over a diverse organization system. For more details visit at

Customers enjoy the full range of facilities one would expect to dine at a standard eatery. One can check out current menu cards in local eateries, look for special dishes easily, book a table, set the order, add or remove items from it in the last moment, merge tables, ask for home delivery, and pay the bills digitally. It also enables the diner to communicate directly with the server and the kitchen staff, along with the manager.   

This reporter got in touch with a leading software developer in India, specializing in the eatery management app. The response reported is encouraging for the industry. “What we essentially do is to save time. One needs to recognize that the time factor is most crucial in an industry segment such as restaurants. The raw materials must be converted to dishes real fast before they start to decompose. On a daily level, it comes down to effective business where tables must remain occupied without unnecessary delay between subsequent orders.” 

“From the customer point of view, we understand that it is a rather waste of time for everyone from the management to the customers, to sit at the table, waiting for the order to arrive. The restaurant software minuses this waiting phase by condensing all the activities over a single digital platform. Our efforts of promotions are paying off well and fresh inquiries keep on coming.”  For more details visit at 

The manager at a reputed eatery located at New Market, Kolkata responded very positively on the feedback for this app. “It has become very systematic. A major concern for me was to resolve conflicts of interest between kitchen and serving staffs. This product automatically solves it for me. Besides, with it in tow, my eatery is already one step ahead in enacting cashless payments, which has now coincidentally become vital in this country.”

Disclaimer: The reporter does not have any financial obligation with the software development firm and the eatery service mentioned in the above report.  

About the company: We are a premium software development agency in India. We specialize in providing a comprehensive restaurant POS system for users. Please visit our website for more details.


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Jan 13, 2017