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Celovebrate, whose co-founders participated in the Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) Discover Program in December 2014, revolutionizes how Singaporeans plan their weddings by streamlining the process., Press Release, 28 JULY, 2015 - Celovebrate was conceptualized after its co-founders watched friends go through the difficulty of finding a wedding venue that met the couple’s vision, as well as their budget.

“We were driven to create a platform that makes wedding planning more efficient,” said Tan. “We understand the pain couples go through, balancing their budget, party size, date and expectations while plowing through mountains of research, calling venue after venue to find out your date is unavailable, or even worse, failing to even get a response from the venue.”

Celovebrate’s online portal brings a fresh new approach to the wedding industry, with professionally-vetted venue listings delivering clear, up-to-date images and descriptions. Unlike other sources of wedding information available online, Celovebrate’s website isn’t overpopulated with ads, providing an elegant and simple interface for users. “Transparency and honesty are our core values,” continued Tan. “The venues our users see are locations we have personally vetted. Celovebrate doesn’t promote any one venue in particular during the search, which means our users are provided unbiased feedback for

their search.”

According to Celovebrate’s website, users receive instant feedback on venue availability and are able to plan the wedding they want, when they want it, and at the cost they can afford. By inputting the preferred party date, size and cost into the platform, Celovebrate instantly provides a list of venues that match the user’s criteria and guarantees a future appointment booking within 24 hours of a user’s request.

"Up to 40% of all weddings in Singapore take place in venues other than hotel ballrooms and our research shows that trend increasing in the coming years," continued Tan. "With Celovebrate, we bring the user unique venue options, and we make it easy and painless for them to find those quaint settings."

Celovebrate currently partners with nearly 30 venues, which includes names like Spruce, Alkaff Mansion, Lady M, House@Dempsey, and many other recognizable venues. “With more than 26,000 weddings in Singapore in 2013 alone, there is clearly a demand and audience for a platform like Celovebrate,” said Tan. “We’re excited to continue to grow the number of venues that participate on our platform, and in the coming months, will expand to include other wedding planning services.”

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Celovebrate, Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore startup, co-founded by Sean Tan, Yixiang Teng and Samantha Tng in January 2015.

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Jul 28, 2015