Skin pigmentation is not any critical problem to be concerned about

The chemical peels are one of the best processes to become trouble free from pigmentation.


Pigmentation is a commonly faced problem that may happen to the people of all the ages and leaves bad marks all over the face. If once the people are facing this trouble they start to worry about it and become nervous or tensed out of which they run to the nearby clinics. One of such clinic for the best treatment of this disease is done known as Vital Polyclinic. When this unwanted skin disease has attacked someone, dark spots can be seen throughout the face and complexion does not remain homogeneous.

According to the clinic experts, there are mainly two factors that cause the dark spots all over the face and they are UVA, UVBs and another is Hormones. Melanin is accumulated in the melanosomes, and this is considered as the main chromophore of the hyper-pigment at the skin. Pigment positions in the skin determine the way of the treatments that is going to be used. The classification of the type of pigmentation also done by the location of it and the types are as follows: dermal, epidermal and mixed one.

Vital clinic Pigmentation treatment includes several techniques like Laser treatment, mesotherapy, Chemical peels. The CO2 fractional laser is the best way that has been proved to be very much versatile and effective instrument for all type of pigmentary rejuvenation. During this process, the safety of the patient is concerned, and it is done smoothly with the help of experienced specialists. Mesotherapy is operated by delivering tiny "medicinal bullets" into the mesoderm, and the result of this technique is very much effective.

Inside the chemical peel Abu Dhabi the solution of acid is injected and they are prescribed to the patients after they have gone through the laser and the mesotherapy treatments. Sometimes those peels are prescribed when the skin specialist feel that Laser and other critical treatments are not that much necessary. One of the patients has exclaimed in a social page,"I am now relieved after having a few sittings in the pigment curing section".

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The chemical peels are one of the best processes to become trouble free from pigmentation.

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Nov 06, 2016