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With the last months of the year comes a temperature drop that starts in fall season and continues to work its way down up until the end of January. This happens as Earth becomes farther from the Sun and its axis is tilted in a particular angle relative to the orbital path. It marks the time for those living in the Northern Hemisphere to start making preparations for the lasts days of the year.


Winter is an enjoyable season for many people. It marks a time of the year where everyone joins together in celebration and reuniting with relatives and close ones as the cycle around our Solar System restarts. Thanks to several factors that include inclination and distance from our central star, The Sun, temperatures in the northern hemisphere begin to drop. The more close to the North Pole a region or country is, the lower the temperatures get, depending of course of several other facts like wind currents and terrain elevation. But one factor remains constant: It´s going to get colder and colder as December closes in.


Whether you live in a metropolitan area or in a more distant one, there are several tips that can be of help to avoid feeling the hard consequences of winter cold. That plus helping you save money on weatherization for your home or business installations.


Remember, service prices go up due to an increased demand of heating from practically everyone in your region. This is where Energy Savings Companies come to help you maintain the edge on cold and save some money while at it. You can choose to perform an Energy Audit in case there are any doubts on how to save more during the winter months, so it’s always recommended to contact the appropriate specialists as well as applying for weatherization assistance. You can find more information about this in the U.S Department of Energywebsite.


The first thing home and business owners must keep in mind is the Sun. You can take advantage of its heating energy during daylight by opening curtains in windows all across the house or office. Due to Earth´s rotation, Sun comes up from the east every morning. Actual hours depend on latitude and Daily Saving Time, which is moved back once fall has come. As the Earth Spins you can see the Sun moving across the sky, from east to west. Use this to open the respective curtains around the place.


The second tip to consider is finding and sealing window frames all around the place. Even if they look fitted, there is always a small space for the cold air to get in, thus affecting inside temperatures. You can make good use of masking tape or adhesive film by applying it on the inside face of the frames, pressing firmly until you feel there´s a good sealing from outside currents. This will drastically help maintaining inside heat on each room or office.


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Nov 17, 2016