SNOT Free Baby Nasal Aspirator Turns One Year Selling On Amazon

Since one year selling on Amazon SNOT~Free® Nasal Aspirator takes a look at the bright future!

Ultimate Value Services, Inc. the manufacturer and seller of SNOT~Free® Nasal Aspirator announced its first year anniversary selling this baby product on the giant online retailer

"It was a very smart move", chimed in Suresh Vatakethil, the CEO of Ultimate Value Services, headquartered in Chicago. "This is our first baby product and it was received very well by the customers. We had some great feedback from our online customers especially on Amazon".

"We wanted to provide our customers with a very useful and inexpensive device to combat Baby congestion. We wanted to see all babies healthy and cheerful. There are many parents who struggle with Baby nasal congestion and most do not have any clue on how to combat it and reduce the struggle a baby undergo due to congestion and cold", said Mr. Vatakethil.

Looking at the success of this company in its first year of operation on Amazon, it looks like this Baby Nasal Aspirator is something every parent needs to have handy when their baby develops cold. As the statistics go, a baby can develop cold seven or eight times in a year. This means, that many times struggle for the baby and the entire family as well. Obviously no one can stand their infant struggling with cold and difficulty breathing, feeding and sleeping.

Here is another statistics about the lost sleep by parents with babies and infants. According to National Sleep Research Project, parents lose about 400 to 700 hours of sleep during baby’s first year. Whether it is baby’s health or an occasion like a baby shower, having a Nasal aspirator on hand can be a wise investment. It can be an inexpensive Baby shower gift that will come very handy to the baby shower host.

About Ultimate Value Services:

Ultimate Value Services Inc. is the manufacturer of premium brands and top quality products. SNOT~Free Nasal aspirator® is its very first product catering to the parents of newborn babies and households with infants and tiny tots. It is a popular device to combat Baby nasal congestion. It is being sold currently on

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Since one year selling on Amazon SNOT~Free® Nasal Aspirator takes a look at the bright future!

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Nov 13, 2014

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