Special Support Belt Delivers Effective Pressure Therapy

Lower back pain issues need consistent care. Painkillers may help in temporary relief, but one must focus on healing relief rather than suppressing the pain.

A study in 2014 concluded that lower back pain is the leading reason of disability among the ageing population. The study by NHS revealed that debilitating complaints of pain affect 1 in 10 people worldwide. In the UK, the condition receives significant medical attention. One can find plenty of websites with ample resources explaining all aspects of lower back pain, indirectly testifying how chronic the problem is. The British Pain Society also conducts a yearly National Pain Audit.

A recent report published in a leading media outlet stated physical exercises as the best treatment for long term relief. This view of holistic healthcare is supported by patient experiences and feedbacks from physiotherapy clinics. Although it is tempting to use painkillers, but in effect, they serve nothing more than suppressing the pain response at the inflammation region. Physiotherapy treatment processes on the other hand target stabilization of muscle and bone anomalies at the pained region, helping patients to regain their health eventually with consistent care. Besides massage treatment and prescribed exercises, physiotherapists also suggest different kinds of belts depending on the unique nature of pain in individual patients.

A lumbar support belt , for example, provides compress to inflammations in lumbar, pelvic, and sacral regions. Most pains caused here also carry critical complaints such as slip discs and spinal rupture. Caused by years of negligence, accidental injuries, and pregnancy stress among a host of other reasons, the body takes time to recover. The sacroiliac belt is typically suggested as a therapy for degenerative disc disease. Other conditions where this belt provides relief include osteoporotic pain, lumbosacral spondylolysis, and during post discectomy care. These belts are equipped with side traps for preventing abdominal sags and providing optimum support of maintaining an upright posture.

Many patients choose shopping online for these products. Reviews at a leading UK manufacturer site reveal favorable experience. In fact, buying online entails several key benefits. Most importantly, the patient does not have to travel out of home. Although simple activities such as walking and driving are taken for granted to most people, yet these are highly painful activities for backache patients. The convenience of placing orders online comes with the comfort of home delivery. Not only that, patients can take greatly informed decisions as the manufacturer website provides detailed info for patients to read and compare at their own leisure. This is again an incredible advantage over spending a lot of time at a storefront, where you may need to stand for long behind a queue.

Whether you need a lumbar or a sacroiliac belt could only be clear after expert consultation. One can easily find contact information at manufacturer website. Reputed services follow up with calls and inquiries with prompt response. In fact, even though you may have official suggestions from the physiotherapist, it is still good to conduct a repeat inquiry at the provider website. The response should clarify whether you can trust their medical knowledge. Apart from these, buyers need to observe standard caution applicable to virtual shopping.


Reborn Healthcare is a premium medical accessories supplier in the UK. Our extensive range of products includes belts and other accessories for back support, arm support, ankle support, and medical compression. Please go through the terms and conditions at our page before placing the order.

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