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(London, United Kingdom) – Apogee Photo Magazine (www.apogeephoto.com) is thrilled to inform everyone about two excellent photography tours to Asia this February: Luminous Myanmar and China Photo Tour.

Luminous Myanmar will visit Mrauk U, the lost city of Myanmar. It is a former Arakan dynastic capitol that is home to around 700 ancient Buddhist temples, many of them still standing in the middle of the forest. The city is also where the last of the Chin tattoo tribe are living. Because of this setting, the tour will be relaxed and simple while still concentrated on compelling image making.

This tour will be led by National Geographic contributor photographer David Lazar and Burma’s A. P. Soe. Both of them are professional photographers and have worked together many times. They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all participants will have a good time. The Luminous Myanmar tour will run from 5th to 18th February 2017.

On the other hand, the China Photo Tour is a 14-day tour that will run from 9th to 21st February, 2017. It will start by visiting the most iconic places in Beijing: the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Afterwards, the tour will go to the least known and less traveled areas of China, where ethnic Chinese groups can be found. The tour will end in Guilin with a private photo opportunity with the cormorant fishermen.

The China Photo Tour will be focused on the photography of the locals. Nevertheless, the plotted route for the tour will go through the most breathtaking landscapes in China, giving the participants tons of photo opportunities. Spontaneous and staged photography sessions will also be conducted, which will give the participants a chance to try various activities such as rafting down on foggy rivers and looking at the stunning karst mountains on the horizon.

The tour will be led by celebrated travel photographer and National Geographic expert Tino Soriano. He is a recipient of the UNESCO Humanity Photo Gran Award for a photo series he made about China. Throughout the tour, the participants will be allowed to have photo discussions and review sessions with him.

To see all details on how to join these tours, log on to www.apogeephoto.com.

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