SPYVIDCAM - Short Video Spy Feature

TheOneSpy parental control and monitoring software updated its software version and proudly announces a new and matured version of world's NO .1 spying app.

What could not spook your spouse or employee from not doing anything cheeky?Definitely your presence can spook them for that, and then they would be as naïve as you won’t yourself even know what has happened. Rather what could have been happened, no one really accepts any blame on them for any wrong doing. Either if they have done it, they still won’t believe it.

But thanks to an old fella, which is always as fresh as a flower bud. https://www.theonespy.com/ our pal brought up a solution to every such situation that could happen to anybody. And he or she would rather be helpless without this solution.TOS has recently launched a new feature called Short Video Spy Feature. Now what does it do? It simple, it isn’t going to run your errands.

The feature is even a remote feature, as rest of the features of TOS are. It records the videos from the camera of spied device and saves it over the control panel of the TOS user. The videos are as short as 15 seconds and as long as 1 minute. These aren’t the mini-clips; besides these are proves that could help a person to qualify a questionnaire for the wrong doing the other person has done.

You heard from some friend that your spouse is cheating on you. And precisely you don’t have any proof for that. The brawl between you and your spouse will begin without a proof. This is what generally happens.But it is better to have a proof. Someone heard that his or her spouse is high on liquor. TOS SPYVIDCAM will help in generating the proof that either the statement about the liquor is true or not.

This is what TOS wants to transform in our societies. That be practical, rather than living on hunches. As it won’t take long to develop the conspiracies based on misunderstandings and misstatements.



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Dec 15, 2016