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StatesOne differs from other Search Engines as it incorporates an analytical component that best Search Engines usually lack

Press Release, ‎January ‎27, ‎2017: Getting up to date with national and international news is one of most popular concerns of modern people who constantly find themselves faced with a large choice of news sites, portals, apps and video channels in order to be as informed as possible. StatesOne offers you a 360° view of World News by displaying articles from all your favorite news sites in six different languages.

Besides covering World News, StatesOne primarily focuses on Local News from 40+ countries around the globe with more countries being added every week. You can easily find latest articles, videos, images, tweets, job offers and classified ads from local sources for the country of your choice. If you don’t feel like scrolling through news items, you can use StatesOne’s constantly improving Search Engine which will instantly let you know what country a certain piece of information is coming from and what type of information it is, an article, a video, an image, a tweets, a classified ad or a job offer.

StatesOne differs from other Search Engines as it incorporates an analytical component that best Search Engines usually lack. By using StatesOne, you can for instance get up to date with Elections Special Editions from different countries or you can find out when future elections will take place. StatesOne also offers you weekly updated music charts and, trying to incorporate a local component into every aspect of its product, proposes emerging artists from different countries. You can also extend your general knowledge by consulting its daily updated World Trends and its growing Knowledge Base, or you can simply enjoy a wide selection of its online games. Whatever is it that you are looking for, there’s a chance you will find something to your taste on StatesOne.

You can find StatesOne on its newly encrypted domain which can be used on your computer or your mobile devices. You can also download its app for Android devices on Google Play, while keeping in mind that the iOS app will be released in the future. While the use of certain features requires creating an account on the site, all of the product’s information and services are 100% free of charge.

Feel free to test StatesOne desktop and mobile version, and to download and review its app. 

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Jan 26, 2017