Substantial UK Increase Recorded In New Electric Car Registrations

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A recent study by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed that automotive manufacturers were delivering an improved environmental performance, something made all the more impressive by the fact that production volumes have increased. John Gibson Associates, the leading name in UK automotive recruitment services, were proud to see their leading approach to motor industry employment had contributed to this. This is equally true of the impact their services have in terms of the increase in sales of more environmentally friendly cars.

Whilst it has been important for car manufacturers to improve their environmental impact performance, a crucial factor in achieving a more responsible approach to the UK motor sector has always been a behavioural change in consumers. The latest available information shows that targets in this area are being reached. Figures released show that over 76,000 electric and low emission cars were registered for use on UK roads by July 2016. This is a dramatic increase on the figure of 3,500 cars registered in July 2013.

The most significant figure for the future of environmental motoring in the UK is that of 4,500 electric and low emission vans have been registered. This is important, as it shows that there is the potential for commercial vehicles to reach the environmental targets set. At present the target set by the UK Government is to have zero emissions from vehicles on motorways by 2050. If the current levels of growth in electric and low emission vehicles be sustained then there is every likelihood of this target being achieved.

John Gibson Associates know that automotive recruitment processes must work towards achieving the targets. At present some 18,000 jobs within the UK motor industry are directly related to electric cars and low emission vehicles, with this number expected to grow substantially over the next three year measurement period. As has been the case with every aspect of the industry, John Gibson Associates are the organization trusted for recruiting staff capable of delivering results in the electric car and low emission vehicle sector.

There is a universal understanding of how important it is to ensure motor vehicles, whether in production or in use, are as environmentally friendly as possible. John Gibson Associates are proud to be at the forefront of ensuring employment practices across the industry are focused on achieving this.

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Aug 17, 2016