Sundae Electronics launches new headphone awareness device on Kickstarter

Sundae Electronics is a startup founded with the mission of creating lifestyle enhancing consumer electronics products.

Sundae Electronics has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new headphone awareness device called SoundBrake. The device alerts headphone users to external sounds louder than a set volume, thereby allowing them to become aware of important events going on in their environment.

REDONDO BEACH, CA - You are listening to headphones and can't hear the knock at your door summoning you to sign for that important package. Or perhaps you're at work listening to headphones on your computer and you can't hear the phone ring. These scenarios are just a few examples of important events that are missed while listening to headphones in isolation. Tech start-up Sundae Electronics has solved this headphone awareness problem by inventing a new patent-pending device called SoundBrake™ that alerts you to external sounds that are louder than an adjustable threshold.

SoundBrake works with any source of audio:
SoundBrake attaches between your headphones and any audio source with a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The device can also work with wireless headphones that use an external transmitter. SoundBrake listens to external sound and temporarily mutes your audio when external sound is louder than a threshold. The threshold can be adjusted either manually or by an automatic feature that adjusts it to be greater than background noise.

You won't be interrupted by normal background noise:
Unlike using open-air headphones that allow outside sound to flow through unfiltered, SoundBrake only alerts you to outside sound volumes above an adjustable threshold.

"I wanted to create a device that would allow people to enjoy their audio in full isolation while still allowing them to become aware of important external sounds," says founder Shari Eskenas, "Currently, there is no such device on the market that is compatible with all sources of audio including home theater systems, computers, tablets, MP3 players, and smartphones. SoundBrake is a complete solution to the headphone awareness problem because of the inclusion of this compatibility feature coupled with the manual and automatic external sound threshold adjustment options."

Additional information on the SoundBrake Kickstarter campaign can be found at:

About: Sundae Electronics is a new consumer electronics company. SoundBrake is the first product to launch.

Founder Shari Eskenas; email: shariesk ( @ ) sundaelectronics dot com

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Sundae Electronics is a new consumer electronics company. SoundBrake is the first product to launch.

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May 20, 2015