Sunshine Equipment Solution Has Brought Y Lifts for the Ease of Expensive Car Servicing

Sunshine Equipment Solution has launched Rotary Y lifts in the Orlando market for easy maintenance of large and expensive cars.


Orlando, Florida (Dec 03, 2016)Sunshine Equipment Solutions has recently showcased brand new Y lifts from Rotary on the website. Orlando is a big city that is filled a lot of modern cars with an expensive price tag, however, there a shortage of service centers with top notch service equipment. This is an effort from the organization to fill the void as it helps in lifting large SUVs and expensive without any damage. This car can be easily lifted, and service men can easily check every point of the car without any hassle.

Y lifts from Rotary are available in Sunshine Equipment Solution's website only in single variety namely Y12 Rotary Y Lift. This Y lift acts a proper solution for a full proof car solution where the service can easily reach small portion which is not possible with old lift system. The best part of this lift system is that it has an oversized slip plate that can easily fit four wheels of any kind of car although the wheelbase measurement should stay between 71 1/2" to 158". This lift has a maximum capacity of 12,000 lbs which is sufficient for both sedans and SUVs, however, the only negative side it is not available in three phase.

Rotary Y12 lifts can rise to 68" and the Y space area allows workers to work faster and they can be easily operated in up and down position without taking much space. It also has an adjustable radius gauge and ramp chocks which accelerate the servicing work speed thus helping the service station to cater more customers. Additional perks of this Rotary lift is that it has an integrated portable work step, filter, lubricator and turn plate filler kit.

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Sunshine equipment solution is a reputed Rotary post lift dealer and installer in Florida, and they sell the varied type of lifts. They are mostly available in Orlando areas, and anyone can leave their query on the website of Sunshine.

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Sunshine Equipment Solution has launched Rotary Y lifts in the Orlando market for easy maintenance of large and expensive cars.

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Dec 03, 2016

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