Swiss startup launches LIVE Time Tracking 4.0

Online platform now helps business owners, project managers and team leaders track staff’s time and performance live, from any device.

July 19, 2016 –, the smartest small business software that simplifies business management, record keeping, time tracking and online invoicing altogether, introduces today the MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker

This suite of 4.0 live time tracking tools, which also includes apps for iPhone, Android phones & tablets is designed for all web browsers and screen sizes.

 Now users can track team efficiency and projects in real-time from any mobile device to deliver greater operational productivity while saving time and money.

The Swiss startup’s newly launched features provide a revolutionary 4.0 painless integration of all time-related data, including timesheets, reports, projects and bills, along with the following benefits:

• Live view of project tracking and team productivity

• Instant online management of team workload

• Linking time logs with expenses and generate invoices with one tap/click

• Creation and export of powerful time reports for better decision making.

"From day one, we committed to offer users more than just another bookkeeping platform. The Live Time Tracker is a 4.0 revolutionary tool because it enables users to track live their business performance and staff productivity” said Siggi Buss, founder of

“Our headquarters are in Schaffhausen, which is well-known as the birthplace, in 1868, of the international luxury watch brand IWC (Int. Watch Co.). Inspired by such a legacy, we’ve built a version of top-quality time-tracking tools based on this rich Swiss tradition in haute horlogerie. As we don’t make watches, we replicated this passion for Swiss-precision and time-tracking accuracy to create the best live performance-tracking features addressed exclusively to small businesses and teams” added Mr. Buss.

Time tracking can be painful, but it’s essential for any business. MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker makes it easier, fun, intuitive and painless. Its tools are tailored for three major groups:

1) Business owners who seek to constantly track projects, staff and overall business performance without overspending on costly and complicated devices or time-tracking solutions.

2) Project managers interested in always keeping an eye on their projects and team while controlling the money flow and accessing live reports on specific KPIs.

3) Team leaders who focus on team management and seek to painlessly review team performance, efficiency, staff availability and task completion.

 The Live Time Tracker is also a great help for consultants, mobile teams and field-workers who work on client’s site. Now they can manually add time entries to timesheets, live link them with receipts or expenses then turn them into invoices.

Users are able to log time from their own devices, while their office-based team leaders can track live the task progress every step of the way, up to project completion.

Adapted to the most dynamic work pace, MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker enables users to:

  • Access instant messaging and team communication powered by HipChat and Slack integration. This keeps time records up to date. Users can also receive alerts on their mobile, in real time, whenever timelog entries are changed.
  • Switch from reactive to pro-active team management. Team leaders or managers are always a click/tap away from their staff, so they can jump in any time and ask employees to speed up or stop specific tasks.
  • Access live task tracking and swift timesheet integration into invoices.
  • Use their mobile phone for time tracking. Staff can log time from any device. The activity logs will auto-sync on our servers. They just login to the account and setup their User status (“Present”, “Absent”, “Break” or “Vacation).
  • See live who is working on what and who is paying, due to smart staff activity color-mapping: Green stands for customer projects (therefore paid by Customers), Yellow is for Internal Tasks (the costs are covered by the Company Owner), while Red means “Pause” (also on the Business Owner).
  • Simplify payroll reports, due to the live presence time calendar that includes: daily clock records to verify the time punched in and out, sick/vacation tracking, breaks and personal time off.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial on and download the free apps from iTunes and Google Play Store. Subsequently, anyone can have unlimited access to our features for a small fee that starts from less than $2/month/user (for 30 users).

About is a professional online accounting software developed by DAYquiri GmbH with offices in Schaffhausen CH and Berlin DE. The startup’s online platform and its apps smartly link tasks, people and projects. Its business intelligence tools help freelancers and small businesses reduce overdues, easily track expenses and get their budgets right. Within seconds, estimates turn into invoices or projects, time records are linked to clients and added to invoices. 

MoneyPenny allows to have a bird’s eye view of clients, budgets, team members and projects on one screen.

Online platform now helps business owners, project managers and team leaders track staff’s time and performance live, from any device.

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Today we are releasing the MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker, a 4.0 revolutionary tool which enables team leaders to track LIVE business performance and team productivity.

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Jul 19, 2016