SYOPTEK Added New Fiber Optic Testers and Analyzers to Product Range for the Network Cabli

Almost one-fourth of all networking cabling does not meet the global standards. For solving this, SYOPTEK recently added a whole new range of fiber optic testers and analyzers to their product range.

China - SYOPTEK, a global leader in fiber optic tools manufacturing and supplying, recently added a number of fiber optic tester and other types of inspection and analysis tools for the network cabling industry. The testers and analyzers launched by the company are claimed to have excellent analysis capability and are suitable for various types of cabling systems. The owners said that the main objective behind launching the latest selection of testers is to bring more analytical capability for the network cabling industry workers and corporations.

“With many businesses growing increasingly dependent on networking, the networking infrastructure that works behind the scene needs to be thoroughly checked and tested. For instance, many businesses are switching to VoIP from analog phone systems since the former reduces and almost eliminates long distance communication charges. However, the technology uses the same networking infrastructure as computers. Therefore, the fiber optic cables that handle this kind of network need to be thoroughly checked with OTDR and other types of fiber optic testers”, said a sales and marketing executive of SYOPTEK.

The executive stressed that the cabling infrastructure used in every fiber optic network needs to meet the global industry standards. He said that their latest fiber optic tester and other tools can be highly effective in testing, analysing and locating different types of faults. They also added that trained technicians can use the testers and other tools to locate and analyze the mechanical faults, whereas cleaners and cleavers can be wisely used to fix the issues within the minimum turnaround.

“Businesses around the world are having recourse to technologies that are highly dependent on fiber optic networks. We are now capable of producing first-class fiber optic tools including cleavers and testers for domestic as well as international buyers. The visual fault locator and other tools offered by us have disparate industry applications and we believe we can make an impact in the overall productivity of the independent fiber optic technicians as well as those who work within various corporations in the same sector”, said the CEO and managing director.

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SYOPTEK designs and manufactures fiber optic tester(fiber optic test equipment) for optical fiber cabling installing, maintenance, and verification; provides you quality, reliable fiber optic tester at a affordable price.

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Nov 20, 2016