Taking Action with after an Auto Accident with an Attorney in Miami

Any auto accident can be hectic. Sometimes, you’re not even sure whose fault it is.

Any auto accident can be hectic. Sometimes, you’re not even sure whose fault it is. When drivers or passengers are seriously injured, some need an attorney in Miami. Lawyers can help you sort out the details and make sure you know what you’re entitled to. Even if you were at fault, your insurance company is still responsible for covering your claim. If the other party was negligent, especially if you only had basic insurance, things can get complicated fast. Insurance companies are often quick to settle when you have your own numbers from an experienced adjuster. Private parties might be unwilling to pay. They might also look for ways to get around paying you, even attempting to blame you for the accident.


A car accident attorney can evaluate your case before you get started. Lawsuits can be costly even when lawyers are working on contingency. So clients understandably want to make sure they’ll get more than insurance companies are already offering. They also want to make sure they have a case in the first place. Negligence isn’t always as clear cut as you might think. Both parties can contribute to serious accidents. One party might be drunk, but the other could be fatigued or running a red light.


When you meet with an auto accident attorney, always be honest about the circumstances. This way, lawyers can get an accurate picture of all the factors around your case.


Investigate Your Accident with a Car Accident Attorney in Miami


Not all factors are immediately obvious after an accident. Different road conditions and driver negligence have to be investigated. Sometimes, manufacturer defects play a role in your accidents. An auto accident lawyer in Miami can conduct a full investigation to measure any contributing factors.


We can then determine the value of your case. This could include things like medical expenses and lost wages. Sometimes, it includes things like pain and suffering depending on a range of factors. Nunez Law can sort all this out for you to maximize your claim. This also determines if you should move forward with a case when you already have a settlement offer from insurance companies.

If you’re ready to discuss your car accident, visit our website. We can schedule a free consultation. Once you have the right information, you can decide if you’re ready to proceed.

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