The Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing and Lawn Edging

These are narrow strips of grass lining the driveway or tree trunks and light poles where the lawn mower can't be used.

Home owners aspire for a lush and well-manicured lawn. One of the best practices to keep your lawn looking healthy is regular lawn mowing and lawn edging. Besides the cosmetic aspect, there are several other benefits of regular lawn mowing and edging.

?    A well mowed lawn is a beautiful sight and adds to the overall appeal of your property. Regular mowing and edging keeps it looking good always. In fact, your well-maintained lawn is a reason to be proud of although it does involve some hard work. However, keeping the grass trimmed reduces this workload to some extent – a quick run of the lawn mower does the job in a short time.

?     Regular lawn mowing promotes even growth. As you mow regularly, all the areas of the lawn get equal access to sunlight and water leading to a uniform growth. The grass also grows healthy and you have a lush, green lawn.

?    With regular lawn mowing, the grass is maintained well and is of better quality. A healthy lawn makes it easier to control weed growth, in fact, the healthy grass prevents the weeds from catching on.

?    Regular lawn mowing ensures that your garden is free from accumulated debris that might give rise to disease and pests in your yard. Cleaning the yard also becomes easier.

?    Regular mowing produces short grass clippings which need not be discarded but can be used as mulch for the lawn. The grass clippings break down into the soil providing natural fertiliser for the lawn which in turn promotes healthy growth.

Well, you may be mowing your lawn regularly, but that doesn't complete the job. Your efforts will not show up unless you attend to the lawn edges. These are narrow strips of grass lining the driveway or tree trunks and light poles where the lawn mower can't be used. A lawn edger may be used to cut the grass around these areas.

Another option to keep the lawn edges sharp is to create borders with materials like brick, concrete or stone. This helps to separate one section of your garden from another and prevents the grass from growing over the flowerbeds or the pathway.

Gardener Cleanup Services gives your garden a crisp and neat look. Adding borders not only adds to the beauty of your lawn but saves you time not having to trim grass around the edges. It is a simple and practical way to give your lawn a well-maintained and manicured appearance. 

Regular Garden Care Business Opportunities and edging requires time and energy. If you need help with these or any other gardening tasks, Fox Mowing can help. With their convenient lawn mowing plans your lawn can be cared for on a regular basis. The lawn care plans can include lawn edging as well.

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Sep 21, 2016