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Magical Duda is a magical entertainment company aiming to provide awe and wonder in all events to which they are invited.

Toronto, Canada - Debuts of fantasy movies like Harry Porter, How to Train Your Dragon,  and many more have captured the attention of kids and adults all over the world. For decades now, magic as a form of entertainment has experienced exponential growth. Partly as a result of the thrill of these movies, and also the fun in which the characters participate, encourages imagination and creates mystery for the audience.  There is just something about magic and fantasy that intrigues children, even though at the very back of their mind they may know it is not real. As such, fun events where kids are expected have magical shows for entertainment. 


Lucky thing magicians in Toronto are in large numbers. Finding one is not the problem, but choosing one that will provide you with value for your money can make the decision more difficult. Many event planners and experts agree that Magical Duda ( gives both value and entertainment for all ages. 


Magical Duda aims to add a little spark to any event, big or small. They offer intrigue and the wow factor with their perfected magic tricks. This company has been providing magical services to individuals in Toronto for more than 15 years. A small team with two full time performers, Flying Ryan and Magical Duda, they are excellent magicians in Toronto for your event.


Aside from the quality of entertainment they bring to the party, they stand out from the crowd of magicians in Toronto. In addition to these entertainment services, they offer magic training to kids who are interested in learning or perfecting their craft. Summer camps are available for these trainings. 


There is also offer the option of hiring a professional to teach you the ropes at the comfort of your home or learning through video tutorials put together by Magical Duda professionals. Aside from privately planned events, they also have a calendar of their own events throughout the year going into 2017 where you can watch them perform. Either type of these events can include fairs, festivals, balloon sculpting, birthday parties and adult platform magic shows. 


Magical Duda has adult appropriate magical shows, also. They offer balloon magic, seasonal holiday party shows, and exclusive custom performances. The world of magic is real and well within your grasp if you have an interest in learning the fundamentals. Magical Duda offers private lessons for adults that want to know the logic behind the mystery of sleight of hand. Be sure to get in contact with Magical Dudato book a lesson or sign up your children for the next summer camp.


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They are magic show entertainment specialists that provide entertainment and value for their audience. They feature with some of the best magicians in Toronto. They aim to spread awe and astonishment to all attendees at their shows. 


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Nov 16, 2016