The Cleaning Advantage Offers Simple Cleaning Tips for Holiday Plans at Home

The Cleaning Advantage, a responsible and dependable cleaning service, shares a few simple cleaning tips to make holiday plans at home a great success.

The Cleaning Advantage is locally owned and operated cleaning specialist based in Bolton, Massachusetts, providing experienced and highly qualified Sudbury cleaners for the convenience of clients around the Sudbury and the Bolton areas. Training cleaning teams comprehensively and conducting background checks, carrying liability insurance to ascertain the service accountability for its staffs and clients. The Cleaning Advantage team is licensed and bonded professionals backed by state-mandated insurance including workers compensation insurance and $2 million liability insurance. That’s why house cleaning is 100% guaranteed to them. Besides, their Sudbury cleaners specialize in providing useful tips and suggestions to keep the living space a party-ready, holiday-ready or weekend-ready.

When it comes on preparing a home for an upcoming holiday, the house cleaners at The Cleaning Advantage know that there are loads of works to do. They think the overall preparation of the home plays a vital role in the entertainment during holidays. It’s uncertain with what will happen when family and friends walk through the door, but homeowners can welcome them wholeheartedly into a thoroughly clean and well-organized home that they deserve. Thus, The Cleaning Advantage cleaners have suggested a few tips to make sure that the holiday is a great day for you.

Usually, the entryway is the first and foremost space the guests will look. Dust all surfaces, decorating them with seasonal items, it can be able to turn on the holiday spirit for guests.

Wash carpets, rugs so that they will look fresh and clean for house guests.

Clean bedding for overnight guests and keep clean towels in every bedroom and bathroom.

Pay more attention to the garbage disposal, especially the odor. To get rid of bad odors, keep a whole lemon and let the lemon to do its work.

Clean the oven and stove tops as the guests won’t like the smell of last Saturday’s surprise meal.

Empty all trash containers beforehand. Clean and disinfect both from inside and out with warm, soapy water and a disinfectant.

Move furniture like small end tables to keep a free room that allow for extra chairs and sitting space. Be sure to dust and vacuum the furniture, especially when it hasn’t been used for a while.

“Our house cleaning tips are sure to help you ease the chaos of your family and friends get-together. It lets you focus on what’s more important, their company. If you need a professional hand around the house and make it ready for the upcoming holiday plans”, you should rely on our Sudbury cleaners. Just call The Cleaning Advantage today and schedule a house cleaning to impress your guests for a holiday.

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The Cleaning Advantage is a leading name in the house cleaning industry. They provide cleaning needs for clients around the Sudbury and Bolton area in Massachusetts. Presenting highly insured and bonded Sudbury cleaners, the cleaning firm is dedicated to offering 100% house cleaning guarantee every time you hire them. The Cleaning Advantage cleaners bring their own environmentally safe cleaning products from Melaleuca and Shaklee as well as HEPA vacuum cleaners for your convenience. For direct booking of their cleaning service, please visit their website at!

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Jul 19, 2017