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Clients Get Professional Results at a Faster Rate and Lower Cost Than Replacement

Fredericksburg, Virginia – Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are often the first areas in a home to begin to show age. These cabinets are also in the most-used rooms in the home. Replacing the cabinets may seem like the only way to update the cabinets and bring new life to the room. Many home owners are surprised to learn that refacing the cabinets they already have will update the kitchen or bathroom and cost a lot less. The best way to get the most professional results is to hire the Fredericksburg cabinet refacing company (  that has proven their skills and trustworthiness time and time again.


The price of new kitchen cabinets has grown significantly by the time the home owner is looking at replacing them. For some, new cabinets are a part of a larger renovation that includes some construction and the installation to all new appliances. Even those jobs that are limited to the kitchen cabinets will require a change in counter tops to achieve the full effect. Although cabinets are a large part of the style of a kitchen, the countertops must also be considered for the focal point that they make. The Contractors Inc will reface cabinets, replace countertops, and achieve the modern look that house owners want without the major investment required to replace each cabinet.  


For homeowners who are preparing their homes to put on the market, an update to the bathroom and kitchen can make a significant difference in the amount they can get for their house. Fredericksburg cabinet refacing can add thousands to the selling price of the house without the need for the home owner to invest in a house that they will no longer be living in. 


For residents in Fredericksburg who are unsure about the degree of work they should have done on their kitchen cabinets, it usually comes down to how much of a change they really need. If the kitchen is already designed in the way they want without the need for major changes, Fredericksburg cabinet refacing may be all that is needed to give the kitchen a facelift without the hassle of a full-scale remodel. 


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The Contractors Inc ( is a cabinet refacing company with more than twenty-five years of experience. Their expert services improve the appearance of homes to make them more comfortable for the residents and also to increase house value when putting it on the market. The Contractors Inc. takes pride in the quality of their work and the high level of customer service they provide. Refacing services are a faster and less expensive alternative to replacing cabinets that have begun to show their age. The expertise of the refacing company ensures that customers get the best possible results without surprises that often come from hiring other contractors. 


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Dec 06, 2016