The Core Optimum Health Centre In Mississauga ON, Helps Migraine Headache Sufferers Get Fast Relief

Core Optimum Health and Performance Centre offers multiple pain relief measures for migraine headaches. No drugs are utilized in order to alleviate the pain.

Mississauga ON, 07-APRIL-2015 - The Core Optimum Health and Performance Centre and Dr. Pat Graham, founder, are pleased to announce that patients who suffer from migraine headaches can obtain relief through the use of chiropractic methods. The chiropractor Mississauga Ontario area has the skills which are effective and safe in alleviating symptoms of migraines. No drugs are utilized in the care plan for migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches are a particularly debilitating form of head pain. The condition is not fully understood, but the pain may be found in patients who have certain triggers which have been associated with the condition. Some of the common triggers are food or environmental allergies, stress, fatigue, certain medications and others. The patient may have two or more triggers acting at the same time which will cause the onset of a migraine.

Migraine headache pain is extremely debilitating, Victims often will spend hours or even days in a darkened room because light or noise is too painful to endure. Even before the pain comes on, the victim may experience symptoms such as an aura. The pain may be accompanied by nausea as well as vision disturbances. Because of the severe pain and related symptoms, the patient may be unable to participate in any activities of daily life.

Chiropractic therapy for migraine headaches doesn't employ painkillers. Drugs often only mask the symptoms and do nothing to eliminate the cause of the headaches. Chiropractic care is focused on eliminating the effects of triggers which bring on the headache symptoms. A variety of methods may be used. They are effective, safe and natural.

Learn more about migraine headache pain relief by paying a visit to the web pages online at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact the Centre at the location listed below.

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