The Eminem Impact Continues: Inspiring Artists and the Music Industry in 2017.

Eminem, the rap icon who famously incorporates some loud reality into song lyrics, has been an inspiration to numerous of this year’s Billboard Music Awards nominees.

With the introduction of Eminem onto the rap scene back in 1992, the city of Detroit became center stage for attention from the music industry. Not only did Eminem influence rappers to chase their music making dreams, but the Michigan Rap Icon also shook up the Hip Hop scene by unapologetically incorporating some loud reality into the lyrics that he busted out. Detroit rapper, Eminem, has been inspiring artists and the music industry for over 20 years, and continues to make an impact in 2017. Marshall Mathers, recognized globally as Eminem, started his relationship with word play and music at a very young age. Socialism and Democracy Online, explains that “Hip-hop culture and rapping made an early impression on him and he began formulating lyrics and songs by the tender age of 14.” In a time where it was tougher for the newcomer to make a statement, especially in the Hip Hop world of Detroit where Mathers specifically grew up, there was a definite resistance with acknowledging Eminem as a professional artist. It’s of common knowledge that Detroit in the 90’s was a place deemed supremely dangerous. And, especially for the odd-man out, of which Eminem definitely was being a minority in his neighborhood. However, the Rap Icon would bust a defensive rhyme at anyone who would try and show pity for his upbringings. Discovered by the infamous, Dr. Dre, through a series of fortunate events: “According to Dr. Dre, Eminem’s demo tape was discovered on the floor of Jimmy Lovine’s (Dre’s label head and owner of Interscope Records) garage. However, it was Mathers’ second-place finish at Los Angeles’ 1997 Rap Olympics that solidified Dre’s inclination to sign his new protégé to his fledgling Interscope subsidiary, Aftermath Records.”

Although recognized by Dr. Dre in Los Angeles, Eminem’s domino-effect of influence is well set in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. According to author of the Cultural Influence of Eminem, Brendon Daley, the rapper has definitely made an impact on the world with regards to what it’s like to live in, or grow up in Detroit. Expanding on the influence of hit song, Lose Yourself, by sharing Eminem’s influence on Detroit, and what he represents as an artist, through his video commercial: “Lose Yourself is a song that brings Detroit together and created a sense of pride for the people of Detroit. Combining the culture that has come from the auto industry, and a person who has emulated Detroit in one commercial is a very powerful message. Coming from a bad situation and turning it into a better one is what Eminem embodies (Cinderella Man).”

Not only has the rap artist been guided by one of the most influential men in the hip hop world, or brought light to a city close to his heart, Eminem’s talents have also inspired countless up-and-comers, as well as, already-established artists in the music industry. There are numerous rappers and influencers who have much to say about the impact that Eminem has had on them, both professionally and personally, the music industry, and producing music. Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, has expressed much appreciation and acknowledgement to Eminem, stating that: “Eminem is genius. I don’t think anybody’s matching him now. He definitely influences my style.” Alongside Kendrick Lamar, this year’s 2017 Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Album Billboard Music Awards Nominee, J.Cole, has also stated his praise for the “Lose Yourself” rapper and how much of an impact Eminem has had on the rapper: “It’s silly how big of an Eminem fan I am. It was a very select group of top notch people that I worship and Eminem was literally at the top of that list. My first song sounded like an Eminem bite…”

Aside from Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, who have praised Eminem for the rapper’s influence on their artistic style, other 2017 Billboard Music Awards Nominees who have also been vocal about praising the Rapper include Machine Gun Kelly, Ty Dolla $ign, and Drake. Fellow Michigan local and up-and-coming rapper, I.D., backed by Detroit-based independent record label, Loud Reality Records, has also expressed how Eminem, as well as D12, have inspired him to take his music to a professional level. I.D. shares that: “Eminem is one of my all-time favorite artists for sure. Growing up in Detroit, and getting to see D12, and specifically, Eminem, grow as an artist within the years was a definite push to pursue the music industry professionally. I started writing lyrics at 13, which is close to the time he started doing things to. It connected with me…Not to mention the realness behind his lyrics, whether it’s pretty or not, the honesty in his words are truly inspiring as a song writer as well.”

Influencing rap artists, his beloved city of Detroit, and the music industry in itself, was not a hard task to do for Eminem. The rapper had to just be himself, and people were inspired to speak up about him. His straight-to-the-point way of being can be heard in his raps, and witnessed in his high-profile life sightings. Eminem’s inspiration on the rap scene and music industry does not seem to be fizzing out any time soon. With speculation circulating the cyber web of a new Eminem album set to come out later in 2017, fans and artists can only wait to see if the “Rap God” artist is going to shake things up for the Hip Hop scene. The 2017 Billboard Music Awards will be airing on Television on May 21st, 2017 at 5pm PDT, live from Las Vegas.

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May 17, 2017