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CSOne has introduced a highly developed field service software to help businesses with their daily operations.

NEWYORK-February 19, 2017-Available today, the CSOne is a cloud-based software that offers exceptional product suites designed to fulfill the specific needs of particular field-based businesses, from dispatch to billing. It enables automatic coordination of a mobile labor force, increases productivity, and boosts profitability. 


With the CSOne ( field service software, you can easily track your employee activities, monitor vehicles, schedule work, track inventory, dispatch technicians, and support driver safety. This software is highly popular as it helps reduce expenditure and boost efficiency. If you’re a company that focuses on handling installs, appliance services, or repairs, then this is the right package for you!


Field service management software typically incorporates many different tiers of features. Most importantly, it tends to include accounting, scheduling, customer management, invoicing, reporting, mobile applications, tracking of billable hours, and customer/service repositories. More advanced capabilities might entail GPS tracking, powerful estimating tools, and a customer portal.


Salient features of CSOne’s field service software

1.Real-time scheduling and order management: To be frank, scheduling can be the most time-consuming task for any service-based enterprise. CSOne field service software enables real-time scheduling of all jobs and orders, improving your company’s revenue.


2. Job status tracking and driver logs: The software allows your technicians to monitor employees’ time and activities on the site. Besides, it improves worker management and generates accurate invoices.


3. Route optimization: Guiding technicians with a highly efficient route to the job site through sophisticated GPS navigation systems reduces downtime, and also allocates additional work sites to the closest technicians when they’ve completed tasks or when certain work orders change.


4. Integrated invoicing or payment processing: With the CSOne field management software (FSM), technicians can effectively handle current orders, create invoices, and process payments instantly.


5. Customer portals: Having the ability to interconnect with the entire company improves customer satisfaction and fosters business growth.


6. Failure analysis: This special tool makes it possible for you to analyze the specific causes of failure and undertake corrective measures for future success.


7. Project management: This helps you to effectively manage projects from the commencement date to the time they get completed.


8. Return merchandise authorization: The RMA strategy helps track and authorize return merchandise.


9. Automated email alerts: voice-generated email notifications play an important role in reminding customers about the time of their appointments.



Core Functions


CSOne offers the following key functions:

•Schedule management

•Field service management

•Maintenance of records

•Job management related tasks

•Repair service management so you don’t have to worry about quotations and service reports.

•Maintenance contract management which takes care of contract terms and service agreement with your clients.

•Master data management that includes customer, appliance, staff, and pricing

•Preventive maintenance helps in managing the consumption and replenishment of spare parts.


Your business needs a high-level visual platform 


With CSOne’s ( latest technology, Card View, companies get a more high-visual platform to work, collaborate, and communicate. In addition, it enables you to give perspectives with flexible opinions and organize work more visually.  Present information on exclusive cards including color coding, custom fields, and images to better focus your staff’s attention.


Field service software was developed and maintained by CSOne Company, a software company established in 1940.




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.Field service software was developed and maintained by CSOne Company, a software company established in 1940.

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